Defend The Right To Protest – Oppose The Criminalisation Of Protest

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Created March 16, 2012 by Glasgow


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  1. Jamie Stewart UNITED KINGDOM

    The right to protest peacefully is a right that people all around the world should have. In Glasgow we don’t do enough about police harassment, OK the police do a hard job,BUT Glasgow is slowly becoming a police state, they make it up as they go along.I would urge anyone being stopped by the police to video it. It is not against the law to record police, they are PUBLIC SERVANTS and should be reminded of that on every occasion

  2. Michelle Opit

    I too have witnessed the extent the police will go to do the state’s dirty work in suppressing protest. This fight is only just beginning.

  3. Hughie IRELAND

    Long live the Green Brigade

  4. richard humbles

    Keep up the fight dont ever cower! Im not surprised but still absolutely disgusted with what our scottish cousins still endure. The last days of the british union are over…days of the capitalist profiteering that only benefits the filthy and parasitic rich who for centuries sucked the blood from the larger population of hard working citizens, under license from the the elected london govt, who under no authorization uses your tax money to pay for their trillions of pounds of your money you invested with them who then squandered illegally on the intl casino. the estb is trying quieten 95% of the mass thru the police harrassment, who are there to protect YOU against crimes committed againt YOU! such as the estbl… victory to nationalism everywhere, your god given patriotic right is to join the independent and free nations club. stick you finger up to their debt, let the IMF vultures pick at their parasitic bones. from a Ulsterman yearning to be free to be Irish once again.


    Our idea of freedom is contrived. Changes need to be made!! Too many police out there are abusing their authority. No one should be treated like a criminal for expressing their views. The police are here to make us feel safer, not the opposite.

  6. amber stibbs UNITED KINGDOM

    We should all have the right to protest !

  7. Duncan Hamilton UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Craig Duncan UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s. pretty damn clear that the police aren’t properly taught the laws they’re meant to enforce. You see all the time videos of the police trying to book people for recording them. It sickens me that peaceful protests are viewed as somehow criminal and that there would be riot officers on standby; like they’re waiting for an excuse.


    long live la resistance and all that


    Vive la résistance and all that jazz

  11. frances mcginlay UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Janetta McGuigan UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Elaine Hall UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Michael Quinn UNITED KINGDOM


  15. Jacqueline Bell UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Ailidh Morrison UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Gerry Skeith UNITED KINGDOM

    Because.The Police are an important institution in any society however they all police themselves the public need to be protected from institutions that want to show their need to the ruling government that the public are a nusiance that needs to be slapped down when we protest to protect our right to protest against government policies that promote the return to slavery, forcing unfit people who through no fault of their own cannot be considered for gainful employment then deemed able to row the boat against the tide. thus creating their poverty because their benefits are cut and if they work the medium wage set by this goverment will not be enough to pay the gas and electric company fat cats …

  19. carol lindsay UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Neale Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    The police are here to protect and serve, not harass and intimidate, this trend of aggressive behaviour towards the general public during peaceful protests must be monitored and brought to an end. We pay their wages to keep the peace and serve us when necessary, the abuse of this power we invest in them is utterly unacceptable on every level.

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