Do Not Close Rithmik Youth Music Studios

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Created January 31, 2011 by Sarah

Youth Issues

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  1. Sarah Akwisombe Croydon UNITED KINGDOM
  2. James COles London UNITED KINGDOM

    I worked here as a teacher, it is one of the finest examples of a youth music venue i've seen in 7 years teaching.


    As a music lover myself when I heard about this I couldn't believe it! Whether it leads to a career or just fills spare time in somebodies life music is a great asset in anybodies life. Please don't close the place down!

  4. Matt Scott London UNITED KINGDOM

    keep it open! support youth music!

  5. Cornelia Dahlgren London UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Annalisa Stremes Croydon UNITED KINGDOM
  7. susan gray UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Phoebe Lovatt London UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Phoebe Lovatt London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. |Dominic Jacobson Twickenham UNITED KINGDOM

    As someone who has worked in the music and audio industry I have seen first hand the demise of opportunities for young people to get involved in and contribute to the music business. If we close facilities such as the Rithmik Youth studios we will be hastening the death of what was once a prominent feature on Britain's cultural landscape. Please find the money from somewhere. Maybe you could ask some wealthy banker who would be willing to contribute his Xmas bonus to keep the studio open for another 10 years!!!!!

  12. Dezz Leonidus Liverpool UNITED STATES

    I don't understand why anyone would ever strip the youth from any establishment that advocates the channeling and concentration of creativity through art. Its a shame.

  13. Christian Kajue-Adolphe Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM
  14. kostas repanas singapore SINGAPORE
  15. Dave Curtis Sittingbourne UNITED KINGDOM

    As a fellow musician it would be a shame to see this studio closed. This is a place for youths to come and get off the street, by closing this building it would be showing to the community that nobody cares. Save Rithmik!

  16. Scott Abercrombie Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Ian Ho-Wong UNITED STATES
  18. beatrice Alessio London UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Matthew Pizzato Queanbeyan AUSTRALIA
  20. Zoe Draper UNITED KINGDOM
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