Do Not Close Rithmik Youth Music Studios

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Created January 31, 2011 by Sarah

Youth Issues

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There are currently 359 signatures for this petition:

  1. Negus Gebeyehu Harrow UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save this valuable project for vurnable young people.

  2. Rafael Greifer London UNITED KINGDOM

    support for the arts!

  3. Sam Beste Brockley UNITED KINGDOM

    Music has the power to turn a young persons life around. Organisations such as Rithmik are crucial in providing a free, supportive and creative environment where vulnerable young people can discover a sense of purpose through creating their own music. The incredible teaching staff at Rithmik are central in inspiring the students and maintaining their interest, in many cases literally keeping a vulnerable person off the streets and out of trouble. Funding to Rithmik should not be cut so that it can continue to provide an essential service, and retain its fantastic teaching staff.

  4. hector dockrill LONDON UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Bex Hentschel South London UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Toby Godwin Southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    Creativity within greater london cannot suffer, this music studio is helping kids get of the street to do something productive.

  7. Mark Lane London GERMANY
  10. Nigel Hosten UNITED KINGDOM

    You're not just closing a youth centre, you're closing off opportunities for young people.

  11. Kaydian Besala barnet UNITED KINGDOM

    you should keep rithmik open purely because it saves a lot of children from the danger thats on our streets. the government always sayin how you want to look after the youth well you ain't exactly looking after them if your taking away from them. ive grown up seeing people go prison, die or just result to becoming a crack addict or even worse since rithmik has opened my area has become quiet most of the kids are actualy learning something other then knowing how much a certain amount of drugs weigh so if you want a safer barnet and youth that will grow up to become role models and leaders within our communities you should consider saving our facilities because without a youth theres no future.

  12. Tony O'Brien Northampton UNITED STATES
  13. louis faucher sheperds bush UNITED KINGDOM
  14. rita maia london UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Mark de Clive-Lowe Los Angeles UNITED STATES

    i'm an ex-pat and spent much time and energy in the UK contributing to cultural growth and presentation through music.

  16. shane hinds edmonton UNITED KINGDOM

    keeps alot of kids off the streets and gives me a place 2 record songs and make beats

  17. Rachel Noble Islington UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Kamran Mahmood Redhill UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Dan Beames Peckham UNITED KINGDOM

    Music education for young people is a nationally under-valued practice. Its importance and impact on many children, especially those who may be from less affluent backgrounds or with learning difficulties can be the difference between a happy education and working life.

    I would urge the Council to consider all possibilities before resigning themselves to damaging or closing this asset to the community.

  20. Phil Asher London UNITED KINGDOM

    Please Dont Shut or Close Down this Good Cause, Music making for Children & Teenagers is Essential.

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