Do Not Close Rithmik Youth Music Studios

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Created January 31, 2011 by Sarah

Youth Issues

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There are currently 359 signatures for this petition:

  1. Daniel Barth Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    creativity should be nurtured, not stifled

  2. Edward Power London CANADA

    Many great people have gone through Rithmik Youth Music & to keep such a place open is progression not just for the Youth of Barnet but for the UK to help spread its talent across the globe.

  3. Lishan Tennagashaw Lodon UNITED KINGDOM

    Projects supporting young and vulenrable people to get back to education are realy contributing a lot to our community interms of reducing knief crime.
    Please think twice while cutting down these impportant services.

  4. Anthony Parchment croydon UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Darryl Lewis UNITED KINGDOM


  7. Julian Sanchez Tustin UNITED STATES
  8. Pierce Grell UNITED KINGDOM
  9. James Gray Rugby UNITED KINGDOM

    Why would they close anything that effects the community positively?
    What do they want more crime?
    Swear, this is the sort of stuff which makes me hate any and all sort of fascist Governments!

  10. suzie Mitchell Ealing

    Music is a beautiful thing in this life of ups and downs. It helps us through all sorts of times, when we happy, sad or we need to relax or dancing like crazy. Get people involved to stop the closure of this center.London has money so please shout louder.

  11. oliver essig burnt oak UNITED KINGDOM

    i want the studio to stay open because it has inspired me to try and become a successful vocalist

  12. Daniel Clancy Barking IRELAND

    Don't punish the youth!

  13. Haleluya Debebe-Dessalegne Harrow UNITED KINGDOM
  14. zoe colder birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Perran Pengelly London UNITED KINGDOM
  16. robert ash ealing UNITED KINGDOM

    we should be helping the youth not abandoning them

  17. Ricardo Balderas Mexico City MEXICO
  18. Dylan Montgomery UNITED STATES

    Close this and you put up a wall on future tourists and money coming from shows these kids attend. Not to mention the benefits music brings to people.

  19. Jade Elliott Peatling Parva UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Serena Rudd Saffron Walden UNITED KINGDOM
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