Do Not Close Rithmik Youth Music Studios

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Created January 31, 2011 by Sarah

Youth Issues

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There are currently 359 signatures for this petition:

  1. Sharon Yemoh UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Ellie Cooke Watford UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Tom Bayles North Walsham/Norwich UNITED KINGDOM
  4. vince cadenhead margate UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Andrew Brand Kingston UNITED KINGDOM

    Now more than ever we need facilities like this for our youth! Keep it running.

  6. Vishal Gajperia Edgware UNITED KINGDOM

    I feel that Rithmik Studio has given me a well-signified future in terms of goal-setting towards making it into the music career. Even though I currently study sports Level 3 in College, I began songwriting many years ago and day by day I keep writing to inspire myself more and more. I had felt that there should be a studio within my local region, that provide all the high-quality equipment and services, so that children who are priveleged, children who are not that fortunate like myself, who can not purchase the same standard products, Should and Must get a chance to stay and prosper within the community itself, in regards to educating, motivating and inspiring themselves through the means of making music, rather than being out on the streets. This acts as a formal mean. I still songwrite and feel that Rithmik studio has helped me enhance my musical needs dramatically, in regards to being able to make it into music industry in the future. What they offer, I don't think any other studio offers within my society/region could.
    The tutors are very well respected towards every individual and every individuals' needs for music. This studio also helps me in a recommendation for applying to University, as I am gaining something out of it and that in the future I will be notified of my significance, not only through my qualifications of academic achievements, but also through my personality,community commitments and other helpful tasks in and outside of the academic region. Rithmik Studio to me is like a second-home. I attend whenever possible, and when not possible, I still make time for it during the week and make up for it, as I have also made new friends at the studio and have met other individuals who have inspired me through their music and personal achievements. This is the dream for many young artists who want to make it into the music industry. This Opportunity Can NOT GO TO WASTE, hence why Rithmik Studio Should Stay.

  7. Anthony Russell London UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Humaira Ahmed London UNITED KINGDOM

    I'm not sure why we'd close down a service which offers young people a chance to shine. A chance to do something positive. A chance to develop their skills and put their creativity towards something useful. A chance for those who aren't academics, to realise, they are not a waste of space, and can be successful. Opportunities like this save lives. It saved mine. Don't brush the youth under the carpet. Things will only get messier that way.

  9. Brian Wong UNITED STATES
  10. Lisa Stacey Stratford, ON, CANADA CANADA
  11. charlotte wynter wandsworth UNITED KINGDOM

    keep it open without it where will the young people of sw london b able to nurture their talents & aspirations regardless of their expeirences or backgrounds

  12. Viki Taylor
  13. Chloe Fiducia London
  14. Nicola Dracoulis Hackney AUSTRALIA

    Young People NEED places like Rithmik.

  15. michael Attivie UNITED STATES
  16. Charles Gardner London
  18. simon habba UNITED KINGDOM

    Don't close this – love the place, keeps me out of trouble!

  19. Alex Macpherson London UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Sarah Greenaway Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
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