Do Not Close Rithmik Youth Music Studios

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Created January 31, 2011 by Sarah

Youth Issues

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There are currently 359 signatures for this petition:

  1. jonathan hughes london UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Celine Cantat London UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Aadam Siciid Muuse

    It's centres like these that keep the youth off the streets and away from going to a life of crime. If you take it away, then you are effectively condemning them to a life of crime! Save Rithmik youth music studios!

  4. sara ahmed UNITED KINGDOM
  5. john costi UNITED KINGDOM

    this place had a very positive effect on me during a difficult time in my young life.

  6. john costi UNITED KINGDOM

    this place was a great positive influence on me growing up


    Please keep Rithmik open for the kids of Mill Hill.

  8. Glenda Collu London UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Robbie Robb UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Petr Paukert Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM
  11. ed nagle-rose london UNITED KINGDOM
  12. chloe alfano east finchley UNITED KINGDOM

    This place has been so important to me . it gave me confidence in composing,playing and recording music. there are no places like it for me.

  13. Kai Monheim UNITED KINGDOM
  14. R Sol London
  15. nigel castle brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    dont shut another place for kids to go

  16. Shaun Bailey London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. mark force london

    This project has made so many positive changes to so many young people over the last 2 years.Over 50 young people a week attend rithmik and another 20 attend the foundation and academy without this service you would be taking away a positive safe education hub from the young people of barnet

  18. Christina Shutti UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Hugh Pescod
  20. Mike HeavyFeet Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
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