Do Not Close Rithmik Youth Music Studios

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Created January 31, 2011 by Sarah

Youth Issues

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There are currently 359 signatures for this petition:

  1. Jane Oriel Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    Although I live in Cardiff, my work as a youth music co-ordinator brings me into contact with projects like in London such as Urban Development, so i know the value to the communities. Please do not allow the closure of this essential youth service.

  2. Joe Elkins London
  3. John Smith London RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  4. Stefán Jóhannsson Cambridge ICELAND

    Over 50 people will have nothing to do if this closes down!

  5. Eleanor Peters-Savva London UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Sam Sayer Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Chris O'Gorman UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Javier Illana London UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Jamie Maing Mississauga CANADA
  10. Natalia Manzocco Toronto CANADA
  11. Christopher Ceradoy Toronto CANADA
  12. Laura Brosnan hitchin UNITED KINGDOM


  13. Grace Shutti UNITED KINGDOM
  14. simeon hartwig nottingham

    Good luck sounds like an invaluable service that would be massively missed in the community. You could be closing the door on future english stars you meanys!

  15. Andy Croasdale UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely outrageous idea; if you leave kids with nothing to do they become bored kids, and bored kids are the ones that are apparently committing 'antisocial' acts.

  16. Charles Holgate Croydon UNITED KINGDOM
  17. A Ainley Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck with the petition. places like this are crucial for social and musical growth!

  18. Tamanda Walker UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Jason Marshall London UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep this youth centre going this is what Big Society is all about.

  20. Barbara Bash London

    I thinkk that nmusic is very important and that trained staff should be in charge.

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