Help stop animal cruelty

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Created May 13, 2010 by destiny

Animal Welfare

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  1. Lynn Larkins Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be a massive undertaking, changing the minds of governments and peoples way of life. I wish you luck.

  2. Tsvetelina Petrova London UNITED KINGDOM

    Pleae save the animals!!! PLEASE

  3. Svetlana Petrova BULGARIA
  4. Aliessha Saye Coventry UNITED KINGDOM

    I strongly disagree with any type of animal cruelty. I am passionate about enforcing this fact and making others aware of animals needs and feelings.

  5. Megan Holland Coventry UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Rebecca Gavin Coventry UNITED KINGDOM
  7. lola symms high wycombe UNITED KINGDOM

    I am vegetarian and strongly disagree with those who say animals don't have souls or feelings

  8. Hercy Santos Recife Brasil BRAZIL

    It is cowardice mistreat animals.

  9. Sofia Clarke Southampton UNITED KINGDOM
  10. sherrie griffiths wrexham UNITED KINGDOM

    stop cruelty

  11. Rosie Johnson Verwood UNITED KINGDOM

    I love all animals, and none of them deserve the neglect and abuse they get. There is no excuse for any of it. Especially hunting and stupid, cruel 'sports' that for some reason people are still doing today. I would do anything to make all animal cruelty stop!

  12. Eleanor Hammel Walkden Manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    There is NO place on this Earth for ANYONE who abuses or mistreats any animal in anyway…Pick on people – your own size !!

  13. Shirin Bunting Todmorden UNITED KINGDOM

    Humane methods can and should be used.

  14. Janis Wrigley Harrogate UNITED KINGDOM

    No need for cruelty to any animal. SAVE THE ANIMALS.

  15. Sonia and Rachael Wharton Harrogate UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no excuse for animal cruelty.Please help stop this NOW.

  16. sam hobson swindon UNITED KINGDOM

    please do the best you can in your power to stop animal cruelty, it could be your animal

  17. Kai Bateman Dundee UNITED KINGDOM

    Please let this petition do good! FINGERS CROSSED THE government reads this!

  18. Amber Arnaud de Calavon Zaandam NETHERLANDS
  19. Tegwen Evans montclair UNITED STATES
  20. Anastasia Bird Mansfield UNITED KINGDOM
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