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Created May 13, 2010 by destiny

Animal Welfare

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  1. Jeremiah Kang'ombe Lilongwe MALAWI

    Animals have feelings too as we have! Please take care of them.

  2. georgia Buchanan Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    I am totally against animal cruelty. People shouldn't just throw away animals like they do just because of their size colour or behaviour. I am also against animal gas chambers. Some countries put animals in these and kill them just because no one will take them in. If I had the money, I would take them all in and care for them. I hope to stop this one day! \r\nUnlike all those actors and singers ect. I want to become famous for stopping animal cruelty…

  3. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Puja Gurung Carlisle UNITED KINGDOM

    I think the animal abuse should be stopped as they'v e got feelings as well and as long as they're living things they must be treated the right way.

  5. Alana Holford mansfield UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Kirsty White Astley UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Carrie Thompson UNITED KINGDOM

    I have many animals and feel that any cruelty to these special creatures. They need our help.

  8. Sam S Edmonton UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Lucy Sunderalingam UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Malcolm Waterman
  11. Rachel Parker Doncaster UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Joanne Parker Doncaster UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Alice Jones Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    Animal testing is horrific, cruel and unnecessary. With all the modern alternatives available, there is no way that in this day and age it is justifiable or acceptable. However tiny the animal being tested on, it is still alive, just like any human. This barbaric act must be stopped!

  14. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM

    I often write stories that have a moral message about this and describe animal testing. My latest one is called “Animal Lab”.

  15. Antasha Staple UNITED KINGDOM

    Any one who reads this please sign this petition and help these poor animals

  16. Amanda Bills

    This needs sorting ASAP!

  17. Rosalind Mathias UNITED KINGDOM

    We need tougher laws e.g. prison / fines etc. for people or better still give them the same treatment and torture they do these innocent animals!!!

  18. Charlotte Broome UNITED KINGDOM

    I’ve been vegetarian for some time after knowing some of the things people do to animals.. it’s horrifying

  19. marie macdonald UNITED KINGDOM

    please stop this x

  20. helen guerin
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