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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Jennifer Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    Good work


    This would reinforce the important role of cycling in London as a healthy, eco-friendly option of travel

  3. Darryn Ficek

    Don’t know why they aren’t already available online via TFL etc. Poor.

  4. Luisa Correia UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes please!

  5. George Johnston UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a great idea.

  6. David Ndhlovu UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be such a benefit to all cyclists out there and promote more people to take up two wheels.

    One reason why more people don’t cycle from A to B is the lack of confidence of actually getting from A to B!

  7. Joan Lipscombe UNITED KINGDOM

    Fully supported.

  8. Doug Bursnall UNITED STATES

    This would be a great benefit to tourists as well as Londoners. It would also be a great example of good design for other cities to follow.

  9. Tom Smith

    Long overdue.


    Yes! A simple solution to an ongoing issue.

  11. Robert S Buss UNITED KINGDOM

    Brilliantly simple solution!

  12. Micha Kunze UNITED KINGDOM

    Simple and elegant solution!

  13. jacob dean

    I support the idea to make london easier to navigate by bike!

  14. John Rawlins

    Great idea.

  15. Zoe Linda Perkin

    This is needed, well done to the organisers

  16. Graham Clark UNITED KINGDOM

    Fantastic Idea, and like most good ideas it is simple and brilliant.

  17. Pauline Rolt UNITED KINGDOM

    This would make cycling in London a joy for visitors and locals alike

  18. Rebecca Davies UNITED KINGDOM


  19. Ambrin Lakha UNITED KINGDOM

    London needs one.

  20. Ashley Dale UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea!

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