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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. roberto pansolli UNITED KINGDOM

    great idea, let’s make it !

  2. Martin Lubikowski UNITED KINGDOM

    Let’s make London the best cycling city in the world! We need this map!

  3. adam connell UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep going – Great idea



  5. Simon McGeough UNITED KINGDOM

    You know it makes sense.

  6. Sat Jassal UNITED KINGDOM

    Excellent idea.

  7. Caroline Hodge UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea, a system like the A and M roads but for bikes. Happy to be involved in stickering lamp posts if this would help :)

  8. Ali Akhtar

    Great idea

  9. Mark Wielopolski UNITED KINGDOM

    Very good idea. I designed an iPhone App called ‘Mountain Bike Trails UK’ which people seem to like. I would love to have a map of London routes on paper but also an App to that can guide you round, and would indeed be interested in developing it…

    I agree wight the petition and wish to add my name.

  10. Jim Davis

    Great idea

  11. timothy m hardy UNITED KINGDOM

    fantastic idea we could do with a national cycle map too

  12. Tahseen Samee UNITED KINGDOM

    This would save us all from a great deal of hassle.

  13. Lee Titterton UNITED KINGDOM

    Great Idea!

  14. David Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    The signposting of the routes on the map will make it easier for visitors to enjoy London by cycle more safely

  15. Sandy Ross UNITED KINGDOM

    A cycle map for London could help new cyclists confidently plan safe routes to work, school or just out to do the shopping.

  16. Jack O'Hern UNITED KINGDOM

    paint the cycle lane too?

  17. Nigel Banister UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck!

  18. Nadia Chelache ARGENTINA

    Totally supportive!

  19. Dave Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    Boris, as a cyclist you know it makes sense.

  20. Constantin Gehrmann

    Great plan!!

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