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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Francisco Carmo UNITED KINGDOM

    I cycle everywhere. From Stamford Hill to Brixton, from Homerton to Kensington…I just arrived in London 8 months ago, and so many were the times when I got completely lost. And when you’re lost you start looking for the street names deviating your attention from the road what makes the probability of you having an accident much bigger. Give me the colours and I’ll follow!!!

  2. Lemis

    We need safer ROADS for cyclists!

  3. peter sprada UNITED KINGDOM


  4. catherine udall UNITED KINGDOM

    brilliant idea :-)


    Great work!

  6. max underwood UNITED KINGDOM

    great idea

  7. K. Chessell UNITED KINGDOM

    this weekend I cycled from Putney to Barnes. there should be many more paths like this for cyclists in London. I propose that we campaign to make the boundaries of golf courses into cycle paths, starting with my local one Dulwich/Sydenham Woods. there’s such a dearth of car-free cycle paths near where I live. and golfers have masses of space, car-free, all for their exclusive use.

  8. Kevin power UNITED KINGDOM

    Good idea

  9. Joe Simpson UNITED KINGDOM

    Great Idea. Will spread it.

  10. Edwin Clifford-Coupe

    About time! Great idea.

  11. Eleanor Penny UNITED KINGDOM


  12. Alicia Grix UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes please, this is a fantastic idea! If it could show safer and quicker routes for cyclists, it might decrease accidents on the road!

  13. Abigail Portus UNITED KINGDOM

    A necessity for London!

  14. Timesh Pillay PERU

    In support!

  15. Becky Mumford UNITED KINGDOM

    such a brilliant idea!

  16. Daniel Ong UNITED KINGDOM

    this would be pretty awesome.

  17. jay delves UNITED KINGDOM


  18. Marta Owczarek UNITED KINGDOM

    Really good call!

  19. Mark Roder


  20. Oscar James Webb UNITED KINGDOM

    good idea

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