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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Richard Moran UNITED KINGDOM

    Brilliant idea

  2. Audrey Hughes UNITED KINGDOM

    Only connection with Going Dutch is a map at least as good as the Dutch ones with their numbered signs and map refs. Your map seems as good without the added signs on the road.


    Good idea – TFL should develop it.

  4. derek walters UNITED KINGDOM

    Excellent idea

  5. Simone Bohnenberger Rich UNITED KINGDOM

    What holds me back from using a bike more often is that I am not sure how to get from A to B in London. Should facilitate the use of bikes for people new to London and during the upcoming Olympics.

  6. Jonathan Darch UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea.

  7. Richard Caddick UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea


    Come on LCC!
    Help Ben finish the job you start.

  9. Mark Skinner UNITED KINGDOM

    Brilliant idea, hope it gets finished

  10. Velar Grant UNITED KINGDOM

    I don’t wanna see ghost bikes around London anymore!
    We have rights to cycle safe!

  11. Deborah Metters


  12. Edward Horsford UNITED KINGDOM

    Comments shouldn’t be manditory.


    Sounds like a great plan!

  14. Jakub Uradnik UNITED KINGDOM

    Great and needed initiative. London is so behind many European capitals and other large cities!

  15. Quinton Pullinger UNITED KINGDOM

    Lets hope the political powers that be actually realise this is a great idea. Transport for london should include all forms of transport.

  16. Tonje Pettersen NORWAY

    Great idea, beautiful map

  17. Chris Church UNITED KINGDOM

    Great initiative, Transport for london should include all forms of transport.

  18. Rob Millard UNITED KINGDOM


  19. Claire McManus UNITED KINGDOM

    About time! Come on, let’s get some signs up! Make this map even more useful

  20. David Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Superb idea, would make London a great capital city to cycle in.

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