mr jamie mcvey

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Created May 6, 2011 by james


we aim to get the sentence given to my sons murderer kieran jameson reviewed we believe that the sentence is unduly lenient

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  1. Tony Holland UNITED KINGDOM

    Hope you get justice

  2. hayley martin UNITED KINGDOM

    R.I.P jamie mcvey x justice for james! xx

  3. lee stuart UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck,hope the scum get whats coming to them

  4. elizabeth blackburne UNITED KINGDOM


  5. Sammie Bottell UNITED KINGDOM

    Do not be punished by your problems, be lead by your dreams.

    I hope you find proper justice for your son that will mend at least a tiny part of your hearts. S x

  6. Sarah Edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    justice for james x

  7. jess glasscott UNITED KINGDOM

    no one should be able to kill someone and get such a lienint sentence r.i.p jay justice will be done x

  8. Sandra Eyston UNITED KINGDOM

    Punishments should match the crime, take a life and go to jail for life.

  9. Frank Monaghan

    We all need justice.

  10. Alex Cummins UNITED KINGDOM

    This should never have happened to Jay or his family. I hope this will help find justice.

  11. rita thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    i think people who kill the way they killed your child should get life. no way is it manslaughter you want to be a holigan live with the concequences .


    I agree that the sentence was too lenient.

  13. Ryan Doran UNITED KINGDOM

    Didn’t know your son but nobody deserves that. Hope those bastards get whats coming to them.

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