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Created May 6, 2011 by james


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  1. Michael Ashcroft Liverpool

    Justice, what justice. Rape is Rape, MURDER is MURDER, sort it.

  2. victoria fletcher fazakerley liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    sentencing in this country is a disgrace what about the victims an there families what about there lives in the aftermath of having there loved one ripped away from them in needless acts of violence!!!!! how can this pathetic example of a sentence ever be justified we need to start looking at americas laws an the real sentences that they hand out to murderers

  3. Natalya Jagger UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Hannah Walsh Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  5. tracey scott liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  6. melanie fletcher liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Gary Marsh Liverpool GERMANY
  8. Caitlin Ledsham Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Justice for Jay!

  9. David Manning Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Laura Bennett Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Merifet Mahmadova Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Give him what he deserves!!

  12. Helen Cain merseyside UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Leanne Turner Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Steven Billington Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Our country needs to get it's act together it's a joke, justice

  15. Peter Clarke Liverpool GERMANY
  16. Leanne Fullalove Liverpool GERMANY

    I sign this petition in the hope justice will be served.

  17. christina gibbons liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  18. margaret sampson liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  19. ConnieJo Maxson Monticello,Indiana USA UNITED STATES
  20. melanie jones liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Its about time our justice system stopped looking after the animals who commit crimes and started looking out for the victims families x

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