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Created May 6, 2011 by james


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  1. Leanne Lo Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  2. jacqui johanson liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    I hope by signing this you will get the sentence lengthened, and your son will get the justice he deserves

  3. steven sullivan liverpool
  4. Julie Gleeson Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  5. william guy liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  6. joanne palmer liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    we need justice for jamie his life was taken and his families lives was left in ruins and the sentence these thugs got is appalling

  7. lynne murphy liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    sorry for your lose and hope justice gets done,thinking of u all x

  8. Jessica Daniels Liverpool
  9. stephen savin liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Aimie Hulme Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  11. sean mcguire liverpool GERMANY
  12. Rachel carroll liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Where is the justice in a 13 month sentence for taking another human beings life? You would get a much bigger sentence for robbing a bank, the British judicial system is a disgrace. Put them behind bars and throw the key away!!!

  13. Mark Lynch Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Ino jamies family very well and something has got to be done abit this,if not it will be to late and people will be getting a year for a life as with this murder,Jamie wount see his family again till the afterlife but the murderer will see his i'n a year weres the justice i'n that????

  14. Lucinda Baccino Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Jodie Hudson Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Ann Folan Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Killers sentence is unreal this 'victim' had 50-80 years of life to live and the person who killed Jamie should NOT be out again in such a short time!! Three years for killing another human being is not the correct punishment!! This makes a joke out of our country's Justice System.

  17. kevin bligh Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  18. craig talent Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Michael Kennedy Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Nicola Ball Liverpool
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