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Created May 6, 2011 by james


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  1. Ann Sharp Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Justice for jay x

  2. sherece rowlands liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  3. stephen lang liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Matthew Allen UNITED KINGDOM

    3 years for murder? What a disgusting joke. It's about time we thought more of the victims of crime, rather than the perpatrators. 40 years mimumum for murdereres.

  6. Tracy Houlden Kirkby Lonsdale UNITED KINGDOM

    Saw on Twitter so researched and was shocked at length of sentence – disgraceful. The British justice system needs to get its act together

  7. debbie brough liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  8. John Carrington UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Darren Stevens Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Peter Barry Dublin

    Y.N.W.A. Jamie

  11. Mark Harper Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Mark Ruddock Headingley UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Philip Lea Ormskirk UNITED KINGDOM
  14. joe allerton UNITED KINGDOM

    justice for james

  15. Bradley Romans Springfield UNITED STATES
  16. Lacey Talbot Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Darren Grady London UNITED KINGDOM
  18. genevieve cousineau UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Diane Taylor Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Please give this family justice

  20. Ryan Lowe Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Life 4 a life,,, justice!!

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