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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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  1. David Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    I honestly think closed road rallying would bring economic gwroth to a lot of areas within england and Wales as you only have to see various events held in Ireland and The Jim Clark Memorial held just over the border in Scotland to see they actually do bring in a lot income to local buisness’s such as Hotels, Cafe’s, Restaurants & of course Petrol Stations which in turn supports the Goverment through fuel duty etc

  2. William O'Brien UNITED KINGDOM

    In North West of England we run rallies on Blackpool Prom,Fleetwood Prom and New Brighton Prom all based upon local help from the town councils to help promote the town, It’s only a short step to full road closure but a big step to help the sport please sign up .

  3. Jason McCarthy UNITED KINGDOM

    Why are we in the UK all ways the last to act on issues like this

  4. Richard Moyses UNITED KINGDOM

    Great for motor sport


    About time…

  6. Colin Brown




  8. Graham Miller UNITED KINGDOM

    Would be great for the country.

  9. Paul Woods UNITED KINGDOM

    Motor sport needs this to continue to thrive in the UK.

  10. Jez Stone UNITED KINGDOM


  11. Nick Colman UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed road motorsport needs to grow in the UK.

  12. Rory Weaver

    Fully support the use of public road closures, already for many years the norm on the Channel Islands and a source of a great deal of revenue to the islands which is why the authorities on the islands support it so enthusiastically. Recently attended the Jersey Paperclix Rally which was a tremendous example to follow with a rolling road closure system augmented by the States Police very effectively.

  13. Rory Weaver

    Jersey Paperclix Rally and excellent example of a well run road event with a rolling road closure system augmented by the States Police and bringing a great deal of revenue to the island and the fast ferry service.

  14. Alex Willan UNITED KINGDOM


  15. Trevor Hewer UNITED KINGDOM

    There is a real need for Closed Road rallying in the UK, particularly with the loss of so many venues for the sport.

  16. Mark Milton UNITED KINGDOM

    Competitors and the public are denied the pleasure of rallying on closed road because of our obscure legislation. Britain has the potential to offer the best rallies in the world if the legislation was modified. The combination of organisational experience and great roads would offer the public and competitors an unrivalled experience as well as bring economic development to some of our rural communities.

  17. Dr D Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    closed road rallying would help british motorsport

  18. Dr D Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed roads would help and encourage ill climbs and sprints

  19. Tom Roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    The best access to Motorsport the public will ever get. Just the type of coverage we need to attract talent and sponsors to something Britain already excels at. Please make this happen!

  20. Richard Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    goverments always moaning the countrys skint this is a brilliant opertunity to bring some money in

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