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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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    Closed road rallies attract spectators, Spectators have a financial input on the area.

  2. Barrie Stokes FRANCE

    This is something which is long overdue.

  3. Richard Crozier UNITED KINGDOM

    Significantly more freedom of regulation regarding closed road motorsport events has been in place for decades in many other EU countries such as France, Germany and Spain, and has a proven track record in helping foster increased tourism, boost local economy and nurture youth enthusiasm for sport. Select such events in the UK including the Jim Clark Rally and Mull Rally have demonstrated the significant potential for revenue generation for rural communities, as has the Birmingham Superprix in the past in more urban environs.

    In addition to rallying, the likes of hillclimbs, kart races, etc., have great potential to provide adaptability in closed road motorsport event formats, providing a format and level of event appropriate to the specific desires, needs, finances and geography of a given community/area and event organisers. Given the increase in closed-road events for the likes of cycling and running in recent years, the (by comparison) much heavier restrictions imposed upon motorsport in this area can no longer be justified based purely upon complacency, and – particularly in times of financial austerity, where initiatives and events to boost local economies are sorely needed – are worthy of re-consideration and relaxation, for the benefits they have the potential to bring.

  4. Nick Thornton-Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    always wanted to do road ralling, cant wait to start

  5. Chris Woodcock UNITED KINGDOM

    This will boost local communities as well as Motorsport


    Long overdue

  7. Richard Stevenson UNITED KINGDOM

    Can only be good for the rural economy. As Britain is a leader in motorsport technology this would be one of the best ways to promote motorsport to the wider public.

  8. emyr davies UNITED KINGDOM

    the sooner the better.

  9. vincent davies UNITED KINGDOM

    bring it on .

  10. Duncan Macnab UNITED KINGDOM


  11. Steve Newman UNITED KINGDOM

    As other have said, the sooner this happens the better.

  12. Mike Steele UNITED KINGDOM

    Spots on

  13. shaun judge UNITED KINGDOM

    Do the right thing, you know it makes sense and make it easier for all parties to keep motorsport and all its economic spin offs alive and thriving !!!

  14. Robert McCubbin UNITED KINGDOM

    Opertunities for all local traders

  15. James Cameron

    Long overdue. Please stop suppressing sport.

  16. David Barnes UNITED KINGDOM

    Would be the best thing to happen for rallying

  17. David Barnes UNITED KINGDOM

    best thing for rallying

  18. Daniel Hurst UNITED KINGDOM

    Definitely long overdue :)

  19. Thomas Sessford UNITED KINGDOM

    Definitely a long awaited change

  20. Andy Beaumont UNITED KINGDOM

    Years overdue.

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