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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Sanny Dobie

    The sooner this happens the better! The fact that the forestry charges have increased again this year does make the closed road events an attractive package for us club men / women! And as an organiser I would hope closed road events would be more popular than some of the struggling gravel events we are trying to keep running at the moment?

  2. Sanny Dobie

    The sooner the better especially since the forestry charges have increased yet again this year!! The sport needs a cheaper alternative to survive and closed roads may not be the definitive answer but it surley must be a step in the right direction?

  3. Rob Trundle


  4. T V Polkinghorne

    This is common sense, let’s hope it’s successful.

  5. Malcolm Oxborrow UNITED KINGDOM

    This should have happened years ago, its just so sensible. We are in the EU so lets align ourselves. Everybody wins.

  6. John Pollard UNITED KINGDOM

    The financial benefits have been proved in many other countries. As a Country at the cyutting edge of World Motorsport why haven’t we done this sooner?

  7. Keith Jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    About time too. Everyone would benefit from this and maybe even give some ‘boy racers’ somewhere safe to excersise their cars. In Switzerland recently I drove a hillclimb circuit that was a public road on weekdays and a thriving industry on some weekends of the year. It works…

  8. Robert Batey UNITED KINGDOM

    This would give motorsport in the UK a real boost and bring it to a larger audience.

  9. Gareth Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    the sport would be great to watch

  10. Sarah Reilly UNITED KINGDOM

    I am a marshal and a motorsport fan and would love to see racing on the roads of Britain.

  11. Paul Crossman UNITED KINGDOM


  12. martin king UNITED KINGDOM


  13. mark schofield UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be great to see motorsport on uk roads

  14. paul collict UNITED KINGDOM

    Its about time we had closed road rallying , Irelands been doing for yrs & it works well . It also generates cash localy .

  15. Andrew Gurney UNITED KINGDOM

    This would greatly assist British rallying and a new dimension to the sport

  16. John Sullivan UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed road motor sport would not only increase the motorsport fan base but also be a huge boost to the economy of participating localities.

  17. Diane Buxton UNITED KINGDOM

    I fully support this

  18. Steve Wyatt UNITED KINGDOM

    Anyone who has been to colsed road events in Ulster, ROI, and around Europe, will be wondering while we are stuck in the past in the UK. We are continually missing out on the Tourism opportunities that other venues capitalise on!

  19. Clive Skipper

    This is a great opportunity to involve more of the nation is a great sport. Please make this happen.

  20. Steve Wyatt UNITED KINGDOM

    Anyone who has visisted closed road events in Ulster, ROI, or Europe must wonder why the resat of the UK is so far behind. All the events we have visited have been a huge boost for local tourism. This is just the sort of thing the MSA should be pushing

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