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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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    closed road rallying could bring lots of revenue to the actual places the rallies are held and bring more people& interest in the sport

  2. Jim Vickery

    This will be excellent for the sport and just what is needed.

  3. Steve Smallbone UNITED KINGDOM

    JUST DO IT !!!!!!!

  4. Michelle Garrod UNITED KINGDOM

    Cheers Michelle :-)

  5. Ben Colley UNITED KINGDOM

    As a properly organised event, which I’m confident the MSA would ensure, a closed-road event would bring great publicity both to Motorsport as well as the local hosts

  6. R Haffegee

    These kind of events are very popular on the continent. With our motorport heritage they should be organised here.

  7. P.Tudor

    Support our countries long Motorsport heritage.

  8. Jeff Maynard UNITED KINGDOM


  9. Jake Wallis UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Simon Letts UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea

  11. Arun Dhanapala UNITED KINGDOM

    Enabling a more diverse range of motorsport events to be held througout the UK to attract more competitors and spectators can only be a good thing.

  12. Mark Dunckley UNITED KINGDOM

    Nothing to add but this needs to happen for both car and bike events.

  13. E Carroll UNITED KINGDOM

    here here

  14. Peter Baylis UNITED KINGDOM

    We are missing out on not allowing properly organised Rally events on our roads


    There are already 2 events running in Scotland producing massive tourist incomes. Why is England lagging behind Europe and Scotland

  16. Clive Letherby UNITED KINGDOM

    Competitors and spectators alike are missing out….

  17. Richard Midson

    I love motorsport but forget that for a moment……The economic arguments alone justify this change. Events like this bring in lots of spectators, who spend money in shops and hotels. They provide a fantastic opportunity to promote local tourism and repeat visits. They often happen out of season, allowing the local economy to receive a boost at a traditionally quiet time of year. They cause minimum disruption as they only last for a day or two. At this time, when the UK economy needs a boost, this change simply makes good economic sense.

  18. Gareth Winchurch UNITED STATES

    These events will be great not only for motorsport enthusiasts but also for the local economies.

  19. Matthew Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    The UK is the center of the motorsport industry and we still force a world class sport to happen in restricted locations away from the population. We will be able to hold on to this advantage better if motor sport can be taken to where the people are

  20. Graham Hall UNITED KINGDOM


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