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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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  1. James Nash

    Its about time that our roads could b closed quiclkly, it would give motor sport a chance for joe publc to see what goes on and maybe eventually get involved.

  2. Richard MacDonald UNITED KINGDOM

    I 100% support MSA in this matter. Long overdue.

  3. dave morris UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with this petition and it would benefit my local community and the budding youngsters wanting to learn to race

  4. Tom Hobson UNITED KINGDOM

    This would make sense and be a good idea.

  5. John A.Millham UNITED KINGDOM

    Not before time

  6. Joe Tisdall

    Motorsport on closed public roads will add a new dimension to the sport both for spectators and competitors. Local authorities can use the event for publicity and goodwiil.

  7. Mike Nicholson UNITED KINGDOM

    A great step forward for British Rallying if achieved

  8. Tony Freeman UNITED KINGDOM

    About time the UK caught up with the rest of Europe on this.

  9. Paul Girling GERMANY

    This needs to happen

  10. Julian Hunt UNITED KINGDOM

    Will benefit many local communities by increasing visitors to the area.

  11. John Soffe UNITED KINGDOM

    I look forward to this happening.

  12. Andrew Wilde UNITED KINGDOM

    Very much looking forward to this! Events in England will be amazing!

  13. steve curtis UNITED KINGDOM

    this was needed years ago and will be a great boost

  14. Ian Bannister UNITED KINGDOM


  15. David Barker

    They already do it in Northern Ireland, so why not here!


    The government should support all forms of motorsport, from road to rally to circuit racing, from karts to F1.

  17. Ian Griffiths UNITED KINGDOM

    It should be part of the community, like in Ireland and in Europe

  18. Bob Asquith UNITED KINGDOM

    Finally the last vestige of the man with the red flag could go.

  19. Tina Asquith UNITED KINGDOM

    Should have happened years ago – the country desperately needs the economic benefits of an industry that we excell in. President Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club

  20. Steve Marr UNITED KINGDOM

    The go ahead of this will provide welcome income to many communities.

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