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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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  1. James Newbould UNITED KINGDOM

    Would love to do some closed roads rallying

  2. John hardy

    Please get this sorted we need closed roads for motorsports and other events

  3. John Edgington UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the closing of public roads for motor sport. This happens in almost every European country and produces a significant boost to local economies.
    Within the UK roads are closed on the Isle of Mull and the Isle of Man for motor sport and providing there is correct consultation there is absolutely no reason why this should not be extended to cover other parts of the UK.
    We have many hundreds of miles of suitable roads in this country and events could be run with little effect upon local traffic. The benefits significantly outweigh any disadvantages.

  4. Gemma Cantrell

    The economy will benefit immensely, as well as the sport and its participants.


    Closed road events pump money into local businesses, it has proved to be advantageous in Ireland, Scotland and many other European countries, it makes sound economic sense

  6. Neil Raven UNITED KINGDOM

    The rally in Mull brings so much revenue into their community it seems crazy not to allow this to happen throughout the UK. This is very well organised and responsible motor sport which has a place in the history of the UK and is a huge employer. It has to be a positive move.

  7. Chris grieve UNITED KINGDOM

    Rallying needs closed road events

  8. John Bennie UNITED KINGDOM

    Long long overdue

  9. Helen Farquhar UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed road rallying would be a wonderful step forward for the UK

  10. george grey UNITED KINGDOM

    Long overdue

  11. Mary Singeton UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep this petition going as much as possible

  12. George grieve UNITED KINGDOM

    A boost to rallying and the local economy ,the more closed road events the better.

  13. Claire Morton

    Much needed in UK

  14. ian brown UNITED KINGDOM

    hurry up

  15. simon walsh UNITED KINGDOM

    This would put the UK on the motorsports map and develop new talents. It’s long overdue.

  16. Mohammad Nordin SINGAPORE

    Dont be like Singapore.

  17. gary binks UNITED KINGDOM

    uk needs more rallys

  18. Darren Moon UNITED KINGDOM

    Sooner the better

  19. Daniel Hutchinson UNITED KINGDOM

    More closed road event, better UK sports, less ‘events’ on open roads.

  20. Neil Henderson UNITED KINGDOM

    more closed road rallying needed in the uk

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