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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Matt Chapman UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed roads motorsport will boost the economy as well as motorsport within the UK. Lets see it happen!

  2. Jane Salisbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed road motor sport would be great benifit to local communities by bringing in financial benifits to local bussines

  3. John Bennie UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed Road motorsport will benefit both the sport and local economies. It is long overdue

  4. Charles Dykes SPAIN

    Closed road stage rallies are common in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Bringing it to mainland Britian would raise the sports profile and bring money to local areas.

  5. Chris Metcalfe

    Closed road rallying will bring revenue to local economies,boost the sports P.R. in the local community and replace many of the great venues rallying has lost to the property markets over the last few years.


    closed road racing will benefit the economy and the fans!

  7. Ian Clarke UNITED KINGDOM

    Closed roads work in many other parts of the U K . Why not in England?

  8. jason.pochin UNITED KINGDOM

    Will help local area tourism and economy

  9. Tom Boyers UNITED KINGDOM

    This will help stimulate UK motorsport and give authorities and companies new ways to generate income

  10. Richard john

    Closed roads rallying! They have it the world over why not here? Think of the money it will bring to the uk!

  11. Michael Easter UNITED KINGDOM

    Allowing easier access to public roads for Motorsport events, will provide a multitude of opportunities for people to compete in local events.

  12. John Harper UNITED KINGDOM

    Would really like to see this petition be successful.

  13. Tom Fenton NETHERLANDS

    Agree with all other comments, these closed road events in Europe bring benefits to local economies, so why not in the UK?

  14. Andy Bellamy UNITED KINGDOM

    So many roads in my area that are lightly used and would be perfect for hill climbs etc

  15. David Clark UNITED KINGDOM

    MSA organise my annual outing on a closed road hillclimb in Bucks so they get my full support

  16. David O'Rourke UNITED KINGDOM

    Full support for anything that benifits the motorsport industry.

  17. James Edmonds UNITED KINGDOM

    These events are run in Europe with great success, which could be a very worthwhile addition to the proposed sites and the local area.

  18. steve benross UNITED KINGDOM

    We need it in the UK as in Europe simple as, there are millions of motorsport fans in the uk who are missing out. It need to happen. PRONTO! Too much red tape in the uk, it needs to be simplified.

  19. carl talbot UNITED KINGDOM

    would be great for british motorsport

  20. Michael Race UNITED KINGDOM

    Supporting British Motorsport

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