Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


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  1. Rachael Hunter

    Predatory unfair issue of pcns

  2. Jess

    Predatoy unfair issue of pcnf

  3. Rebecca

    Predatory unfair issue of pcns

  4. Graham Rutter UNITED KINGDOM

    This car park discourages people visiting Instow, the leaseholder of this car park is only making money by issuing pcn’s, the approach road is enough to put people off, I for one warn people not to use it because of the tactics used by this unscrupulous person

  5. Sharon Alford

    I’ve received an unfair ticket, threatening letters, I use Instow regularly to walk my dog, we’ve ended up having to pay £100, complete rip off

  6. Ray Richards UNITED KINGDOM

    The operating company of this car park are flouting the regulations that safeguard user rights.

  7. Richard Alford

    They got us to

  8. Rina

    The car park payment system should change to a modern, fair, pull a ticket on entry and pay on exit system. People love visiting Instow and should not be put off by this car park. It destroys the reputation of Instow as a welcoming village.

  9. Kevin Raven UNITED KINGDOM

    Seek an alternate managemt company.
    Current one has designed system to maximise revenue via client error via fines.
    Not a good perception for Instow

  10. Christine Rutter UNITED KINGDOM

    Not a good advert for beautiful Instow, car park in a terrible state, you can’t possibly drive down and purchase a ticket in 10 minutes, should be at least 15 minutes, or better still change to pay on exit

  11. Sally Willis UNITED STATES

    So sad that this is happening in such a lovely place and can only discourage visitors to the area that, are for most, a vital part of our economy. The last thing you need to remind you of a holiday is a parking ticket when you get home especially when you have actually paid to park! Take it back to man in a booth, at least that employs a local!


    Unfair parking tickets issued, not intention to approve an appeal.

  13. Stuart Coles UNITED KINGDOM

    Got a ticket in this carpark at one of my favourite locations. At a time when I was the only car in the carpark. £60 is an outrageous fee for a few minutes of parking.

  14. Diane Pearson

    Change to pay on exit, much fairer.

  15. Jayne Brawn UNITED KINGDOM

    Unfair issue of pcns.


    Every honest motorist accepts that they are required to pay for their parking period on a private or council-owned car park. However, the management of Sandhills Car Park in Instow use under-handed, surreptitious methods of fleecing their customers, by ignoring perfectly valid and reasonable appeals, in the belief that this will generate further income, using bullying and threatening tactics. The protest against this particular car park is gathering momentum and will become detrimental to this beautiful coastal village. I have already warned our holiday guests to avoid the car park.

  17. Lizzie Woolfenden UNITED KINGDOM

    Unfair heartless parking system outrageously supported by Christie Estate. Hypocritical behaviour or just plain criminal aiding and abetting these amoral practices ?

  18. Dee Warfield UNITED KINGDOM

    The appalling conditions of the car park, it should be free until repaired.

  19. Michelle collings

    My parents recieved a parking charge for being in the car park a total of 12 mins from entry to exit

  20. Jane Chappell

    The current payment scheme is unfair. The operator seems more interested in finding ways to fine users. I am more than happy with the charging structure but feel it needs to be more transparent & a payment scheme like that in use at Saunton would be very welcomed.

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