Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


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There are currently 359 signatures for this petition:

  1. Elizabeth Burwood

    Outrageously unfair parking system that appears to be run by an unscrupulous and greedy company

  2. Lyn costelloe

    It is not suitable and they fined us £60 unfairly

  3. Tony Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    I have been caught up in this scam, in which the Company place pitfalls in the way of customers being able to pay within the so-called grace period and then use threats to extort tens and even hundreds of pounds from their victims. It is a public blot on Instow and Christie Estates.

  4. Debbie Veale UNITED KINGDOM

    You can drive in and drive straight out and you get a ticket. The system doesn’t work

  5. Amy Winzer

    Absolutely furious.
    I love Instow but following this PCN will not be coming again. I will also consider Christie estates an unfair and unscrupulous landowner.

  6. Dawn O'Brien UNITED KINGDOM

    For the protection of good honest people against malpractice.

  7. Deborah Bacon

    Unfair and got to be malpractice , disgusting way for a local estate to treat its local people !

  8. Ceri Knott UNITED KINGDOM

    Car park in disgusting condition considering the money they must be getting in parking fees and fines!

  9. Dennis jeffery UNITED STATES

    The car parking area is in a disgusting state and cost is a total total rip off.

  10. Barry Vincent UNITED KINGDOM

    Need to stop this ripoff activity.


    The system does not work needs to be stopped

  12. Nick Beer UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a totally inept (at best) system and at worst an unscrupulous scam – what on earth the landowner thinks this will do for tourism let lone local relations I cannot imagine.

  13. Susan Pennant-Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    The company running this car park, are unfair and inhuman and need to go. They are ruining a small coastal town’s reputation.

  14. David Ellis UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to the Christie Estate giving these crooks the right to steal from their neighbours. Do the arrogant Glyndebourne aristocrats need money this badly?

  15. Elizabeth Hooke UNITED KINGDOM

    Delayed getting back to Car Park due to Fire Service dealing with a serious fire of 2 cars near the entrance to the car park. Fire Service had closed road and footpath, no way of topping up parking fee such as via telephone. Car park access road full of pot holes and the car park, slippery conditions to walk across, not fit for purpose.

  16. Mrs Elaine Jordan UNITED KINGDOM

    pay for time in car parks is much fairer

  17. Mary Archer UNITED KINGDOM

    Charged for time getting change to pay for 4 hours parking which we did on a day we were remembering the loved ones we had lost. How heartless could they be?

  18. Piotr Kepa UNITED KINGDOM

    No reson

  19. Chris Cornish UNITED KINGDOM

    Needs to change Now

  20. Libby Ticehurst UNITED KINGDOM

    Unjust, crooked and complete robbery. Stopped going to Instow because of unjust ticket, and the threats and hounding made my husband (who has a heart condition) really ill.

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