Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


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  1. Jacky Penton GERMANY

    I would love to park by the beach but both my sister and niece ( who lives in Wiltshire). Had tickets.

  2. Dunstan Fronteras MIAATI Dip API UNITED KINGDOM

    The Enforcement services is not needed for countryside beauty the person who is running is entrapment. Not being run properly we lived and locals down there and We had a Man in the Box next to the cafe with a welcome man taking a ticket and taking payment which we had in the past which was nicer and fair and better nice and friendly service giving everyone a Bad Name especially the holiday industry and visitors which visit if it was in central London I would understand it but a countryside village by the sea it’s a bit OTT. No other car park has this problem in North Devon look at Woolacombe.

  3. Dee Warfield UNITED KINGDOM

    I am registered disabled, it often takes me a little longer to get to/from ticket machine as I have acute lymphedema,

  4. Jenny Burton UNITED KINGDOM

    Present system, unfair and unscrupulous

  5. Maggie Stiles UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many incidents of unncessary fines being sent out. Paying on exit would make more sense. I do not intend to use this car park again until this is sorted. Instow is not the only place to go…


    That car park has changed my view of Instow and I’ve not been back there since I got my ticket 11 months ago.

  7. Andrew

    They are a disgrace – I was fined for stopping to pick my wife and 2 year old son up in the rain on the entry road even though I’d over paid for my stay

  8. Monique

    Present system is rudimentary and as I have personally experienced, leaves a lot of room to get ripped off by said car park.

  9. Rebecca coombs UNITED KINGDOM

    Make it fair

  10. Nicola Crocker UNITED KINGDOM

    I avoid using this car park due to the mis management. I have on occasion not found any free parking bays and have driven home again. I’d love to visit Instow more often but due to the risk of receiving a fine I actually go elsewhere. Shame on the owners for allowing this to go on for so long.

  11. John Heywood UNITED KINGDOM

    This is the only fair way of parking payments. It ensures that you pay for the total time spent in the car park which is beneficial for both parties.


    The carpark is managed in a predatory unfair way, generating pcns for minor breaches of the rules and in some cases no breaches of the rules. Pay on exit would be a fair way of paying to park without the constant worry of overstaying then people could enjoy all the delights Instow has to offer and trade may increase for legitimate business owners

  13. Dave Jarman SWITZERLAND

    Greed spoiling a beautiful area

  14. Paul Scrivener UNITED KINGDOM

    Not fair , driving people away from a lovely tourist village , hurting local businesses

  15. Janice Hurdle

    My son and I had both paid for tickets but when leaving, stopped briefly on the slip road in the rain to pick up family members and say goodbye and we both got parking tickets! An extremely disappointing introduction to living in Instow.

  16. Tony Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    I received a pcn which they refused to withdraw even though the management there acknowledged that I had paid during my stay. They have sent more intimidating letters since then. Why should they bother if they can make more money through pcn’s than they can by providing parking honestly. Sadly, this reflects badly on Christie Estates.

  17. Tommy Miller UNITED KINGDOM

    Hate Cheats and Con artists.


    This is set up primarily to make as much money as poss by underhand systems and processes. I rarely visit Instow now if I do I park in layby on main road and go directly to beach to walk, by passing Instow no longer using any of the services businesses in Instow.

  19. Kris Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    Unfair carpark, had 3 tickets there for unjust reasons

  20. Lisa Earnshaw

    What a disgrace. A truly unfair system that prays on people. Sadly people are now staying away from Instow which undoubtedly will have the knock on effect of hurting the livelihoods of local businesses.

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