Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


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  1. Sandra Field UNITED KINGDOM

    The way this small car park, hidden away from the main seafront of Instow is being managed by a ‘way over the top’ parking management company, using predatory tactics, to squeeze as much money out of the area and our visitors as they can manage, is, in my opinion, an embarrassment for Instow, its residents and small businesses, and reflects poorly on North Devon as being a friendly tourist destination. People will not get stung twice either. I won’t be returning to that car park.

  2. Maggie Birchmore UNITED KINGDOM

    this is a money making service. Rude people

  3. Chris pert UNITED KINGDOM

    We need an honest system. That will require an honest owner.

  4. Kevin Gunn UNITED KINGDOM

    Unfairly fined at this disgraceful so called car park

  5. Joy Collins UNITED KINGDOM

    Fined after visit spoil lovely visit to Instow

  6. James Jenkins UNITED KINGDOM

    Total disgrace of a car park that needs stopping from scamming people

  7. Isabelle webb UNITED KINGDOM

    Unjust money making scheme.

  8. David Edgcombe UNITED KINGDOM

    These car park’s need to be their for people who need to use them .
    You have to pay enough to park you shouldn’t have to worry
    About being ripped off as well

  9. Mark Singer UNITED KINGDOM

    Can’t abide legal thieves !
    Have you considered Rip Off Britain on tv?

  10. Johnny sharp UNITED KINGDOM

    Outrageous, detrimental and should be abolished with immediate effect.

  11. Dr. Norman Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    This car park uses underhand tactics to trap people.

  12. David Shepherd

    I have been charged unreasonably for a short overstay

  13. Yvonne

    Pcn received from this company a few weeks after I had used this car park, muddy car park……. I can’t even recall how much time I payed for, ridiculous

  14. Martin Shepherd UNITED KINGDOM

    This is ruining Instow’s image as a place to visit.


    Predatory tactics by predatory people, trashing the reputation of Christie’s (who really should be concerned by that, and adopt a more public spirited attitude)

  16. James Doran UNITED KINGDOM

    Live local and visit Instow often

  17. p&g kirk UNITED KINGDOM

    Lived here nearly 20 yrs, never had any problems parking at sandhill until these people took it over, i dont mind paying for what i use but not for this nonsense.

  18. C & P. Rickards UNITED KINGDOM

    increase your numbers

  19. C & P Rickards UNITED KINGDOM

    Hi, to show our support to the group

  20. Debra Veale UNITED KINGDOM

    We just want a fair system

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