Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


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  1. Mike Bee

    The tactics used by the parking company are nothing short of stealing from unsuspecting customers and must be stopped.

  2. John walter UNITED KINGDOM

    Have stopped visiting Instow because of this appalling companies predatory tactics. Look forward to returning when the system is changed.

  3. Neil Blackburn UNITED KINGDOM

    Fraudulent operator, current system open to abuse

  4. Dr Norman Smith

    This con man has to be stopped. Why have Christies stayed so quiet over this issue? At the end of the day, surely they hold the trump hand and can rescind his license. Why do they want to be associated with a creep like him? Don’t they realise the contempt with which he is held by the people of Instow and beyond? Maybe they are getting too good a deal from him to be concerned.

  5. joanne bell UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an absolute disgrace with unsuspecting ‘victims’ being ripped off daily! Yes – why are Christie Estates remaining silent over this? Incidentally, they have also sided with the appalling Instow Parish Council over their illegal dog ban on Instow Beach. You may be sure that Dog Walkers Alliance are vigorously fighting this and do not intend to be treated next summer as lone female dog walkers have been treated this summer – bullied, intimidated & sworn at! Time Christies made some statement over their dog ban.

  6. Lynda Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    Corrupt, unfair parking system that is driving people away from the area.

  7. Babs Palmer UNITED STATES

    I’ve stopped going to Instow because of this problem. I feel very sorry for the shops along there, I’m sure their trade will be down.

  8. Dave Humphrey UNITED KINGDOM

    I do not think it is fair to be charged there and then. It will cause visitors to leave, causing lack of revenue, and less visitors

  9. Donna spearing

    Should be able to park without worrying if you are going to get a pcn in the post!

  10. Jennifer Jane Elford UNITED KINGDOM

    Christies have no regard for people or this area.

  11. Kelly cox UNITED KINGDOM

    this is absolutely disgusting and needs to be sorted out.
    greedy is the word that comes to mind!

  12. Debra Veale UNITED KINGDOM

    I no longer visit Instow due to the unfair system used in the car park

  13. John Heywood UNITED KINGDOM

    Lived near Instow all my life and never had any problems parking at sandhill until these non local, money grabbing idiots took it over, I dont mind paying for what I use and was quite willing to pay the going rate until they ripped off my wife with a trumped up reason for fining her £60. In my case,they have lost a minimum of £500 in legal revenue. I have refused to park there since so I am quids in. Ticket on entry and pay on exit gives control and freedom of choice to the customer. I very much doubt that this swindling bunch will ever consider it, but I hope they prove me wrong.

  14. Gillian Herriott UNITED KINGDOM

    A Pay-on-Exit system has got to be the way forward for Instow so it can return to being a lovely place to visit without the worry that if you park at Sandhills you are more than likely to get a fine. I myself parked just on the edge of the entrance so I could use the loos opposite, in fact I think I parked on what’s now The Glorious Oyster’s new car parking places. Also, I did this twice not knowing I was being “watched” and subsequently fined twice! Hector Christie has a lot to answer for.

  15. A. Postans UNITED STATES

    Great idea

  16. Rebecca Fowler UNITED KINGDOM

    Today a letter arrived addressed to my husband asking him to phone Ruthbridge (understanding resolution) as he had not responded to their letter asking for my contact details. I have saved this letter.

  17. Jill Neale

    I paid my money entered reg ticket obtained but still got a pcn. They should have my reg no recorded in machine…but still I get a pcn. How corrupt is that! Swindlers!

  18. Kayleigh Garrad

    Bullying tactics to get unjustified money out of paying customers is just wrong!


    I am utterly disgusted that their actions on innocent people is still going on.
    Harks back to the good old days of dodgy wheel clamping bullies.
    Don’t understand how they get away with it when they really should be arrested for dishonesty, theft and causing emotional stress on those who are innocent and sometimes vulnerable.

  20. Steve Spry UNITED STATES

    Current system is designed to maximise profit from PCN’s and is unfair

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