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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


We want to change the unfair system of parking at sandhills car park, instow which allows the management company to use predatory tactics to send pcns (private charge notices)
we want a fair, transparent system of pay on exit

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    Had a ticket very early in the morning when I thought it would be free


    I had a ticket to pay £60 most propably for being on the access road. I had purchased a ticket within 10 minutes of being on the site. send a complain with valid ticket but they refused as not acceptable in this case. . Now I returned the final notice to pay and told that I would not pay and they had two options to cancel the ticket or take me to court..
    I am still waiting

  3. Reve Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    Unclear signage – I parked and sat in my car waiting for someone for 20 mins and then left again. Did not expect to receive a £60 charge – this seems a lot of money for the initial charge.

  4. roz Prescott UNITED KINGDOM

    needs sorting disgusting how this is being operated

  5. Barbara Terry

    Apart from all the obvious bad practice by the parking people, the damaging effect on holiday makers will be bad news for our tourism industry.

  6. Barbara Terry

    Apart from all the obvious bad signage/practice by the parking people, the damaging effect on holiday makers will be bad news for our tourism industry.

  7. Nigel Welch UNITED KINGDOM

    We have visitors down regularly and want to see a fair charging system.

  8. Manny Bello UNITED KINGDOM

    Predatory tactics like this are not good for locals, not good for tourists and not good for the village. They’re also not good for the owners are managers of the car park in the long run.

  9. Chris Vincent UNITED KINGDOM

    Bad for tourism

  10. Nicholas Cusden UNITED STATES

    Bad tactics

  11. Clare wilmott UNITED KINGDOM

    Awful standard of car park
    No leeway

  12. Loretta Askill UNITED KINGDOM

    Unfair parking system that will drive away tourists.

  13. Claire Paine

    I received a fine for £60 for being less than twenty minutes late back to the car park in January – when most car parks don’t even charge as they want to encourage tourists out of season! PCN Parking Solutions are outrageously greedy and it’s not even as if they’re using the funds to keep the car park full of pot holes. It was like an assault course trying to find a space where there wasn’t one!!!

  14. Graeme

    Visiting a friend
    Didnt see signs place was empty and got ticket on CHRISTMAS DAY.
    How sad is that .


    Charging people for no reason and overcharging as well! Also be lovely if you could actually pay as well

  16. Charles morrison UNITED KINGDOM

    Parked for under 50 mins paid for an hour still got £60 fine

  17. Rachel Burrough UNITED KINGDOM

    £60 fine because I did not career off their land within the ten minute time frame of me paying to be there. Will not park there ever again. How damaging to the businesses of Instow.

  18. Josephine Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    Because ive recoeved a bogus fine. It hasn’t been logged onto the con solutions page (8 days after the fine was apparently issued) giving me only 5 days left to appeal or pay the £60 as sposed to the £100. Also, who is DSFP as per the headed letter? I even watched the couple write out the fine on a clipboard by the old woman in the passenger seat whilst the man hid his fave in the drivers seat. And I do hope the lat the commissions they are earning are going towards the upkeep of the car park? There are more holes and peaks in the surface of the car park. It’s a health hazard and can potentially damage our cars axles. I am fuming!

  19. Kevin White UNITED KINGDOM

    Completely unreasonable money-grabbing operator and the landlord (Christie Estates) don’t care what happens on their land. Received PCN for stopping on access road to tend to a medical emergency, but continued to car park and paid for a ticket, as had done many times previously. Effectively a fine for daring to stop on their (leased) land. No morals and impossible to talk to the faceless person who decides to turn down appeals (which is actually just a standard letter telling everyone to just pay).

  20. Michael Schofield UNITED KINGDOM

    When a ticket is bought for the time spent at the location before exit, but bought outside of the 10 minute period it is completely unreasonable. I also feel that the access to the DVLA database to pursue a civil claim is a mis use of personal data.

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