Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


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There are currently 359 signatures for this petition:

  1. Robert Fish UNITED KINGDOM


  2. Denise Fish UNITED KINGDOM


  3. Steven James UNITED KINGDOM


  4. shirley shapland UNITED KINGDOM

    To pay on exit is a fare way of paying for what you have used,

  5. Valerie barrs UNITED KINGDOM

    Really unfair way to pay for parking. Have no objection to paying for parking but this system needs changing urgently

  6. Jayne Brawn UNITED KINGDOM

    This car park charging system is not fair
    It uses tactics to fine people
    Bad for the area

  7. jayne brawn UNITED KINGDOM

    just unfair

  8. Caroline Buggea UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally unscrupulous – unclear parking tariff – leave the car park under the assumption that you are leaving on time, encouraged to call in at the cafe on the way out for an ice cream and without realising the vehicles number plate is not recognised as leaving until at the end of the ‘pot holed’ drive…. Arrive home to two exorbitant charges totalling £120 !!!!

  9. Andrea Curley

    So when you think you can stay up until your ticket expires you can get charged for just leaving the car park. That is very unfair to your customers you need to rethink this, that’s just money grabbing of everyday people who are there to relax on the beach. You also need to sort out the drive down to the car park as this can damage your vehicle but you except no liability. I really hope that this is changed that’s unfair charges.

  10. Peter Lee UNITED KINGDOM

    A ruthless and an unfair operator upsetting a local community.

  11. David Rees UNITED KINGDOM


  12. Sally Hughes

    totally unfair, holiday makers unaware of fines, get it sorted Christies, gives you a bad name, take their lease away,

  13. Caroline Buggea UNITED KINGDOM

    A completely ridiculous way of operating a car park. Charge for staying by all means …but do it in a fair manner which will compliment the area, the residents, the businesses and the tourists.

  14. Trudi Mackie-Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an unfair parking tariff with an unscrupulous bullying company which will have a massive detrimental affect on the local area and businesses as visitors will be put off coming!

  15. Robin Symons

    It’s unfair and unjust.

  16. Martin Rouen

    The current system is desperately unfair.

  17. Ian tweedie UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally unfair system for lovely community enforced from afar will never park there as long as this ripoff system is in force

  18. David Seaman

    This is such a corrupt system that needs addressing

  19. Rosie Roome

    It’s much more flexible for the customer and allows for potentially more revenue for the business as people choose to prolong their visits rather than cut them short as the parking is due. Win win I would suggest.

  20. Amanda muddimer UNITED KINGDOM

    unfair, unjust and greedy- would never park there again under the current system having been victim to the corrupt system along with other family and friends

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