Sandhills Car Park Fair Pay On Exit System

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Created January 11, 2018 by Rachael Hunter


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  1. Mark bracey

    Why not an entry and exit barrier . The system seems designed to catch people out leaving a sour taste of our stay . We won some holiday cottages here and will be tell people not to park at sandhills

  2. Dunstan Fronteras UNITED KINGDOM

    Unfair management team not being reasonable with trading rights and entrapping people

  3. Jeremy Rogers

    The system seems designed to generate parking excess charge notices as a main income stream rather than developing, maintaining and running the car park as an amenity business with fair and transparent charges. I used this car park daily for years and have no objection to paying a fee for parking, however I avoid it now as the chance of an incorrect PCN is like Russian roulette. This car park has spoiled Instow for hundreds of visitors and regular local users, it could, and should, be the opposite.

  4. Wayne Povey

    It is unfair the way the general public are targeted at this car park. Card payment facilities should be available and the amount of time it takes to negotiate the access road should not be included as part of the time you are allocated for parking , eg you should only be timed from when you have parked.

  5. Sue Parsons

    This is not good for Instow, people are already picking up on this and avoiding the place. Having used the beach say 4 times a week we now go to Westward Ho or Torrington.

  6. Paul Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Total rip off. We don’t go to Instow anymore. Christie Estates should be ashamed to have let this happen to not only visitors, but also the people who live in and support the area all year round. It’s a disgrace.

  7. Lesley Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    Because the current system is totally unfair

  8. Ken smith UNITED KINGDOM

    paying on exit is fairer than other methods, I will not car parks who do not use this method.

  9. Sandra brown

    No longer visit instow for local doggy walks ice creams or pub grub .the fear of a parking ticket makes it nicer to go else where !

  10. Janie Wellman UNITED KINGDOM

    Payment on exit would be far better. This current system is totally destroying Instow for locals as well as visitors

  11. Dee Thiele UNITED KINGDOM

    No longer visit. We go to Saunton or Westward Ho now. Much much much fairer system, Saunton particularly as pay on exit.

  12. Jake beer

    I just got my new car so I went for a drive with my friends a little before 12pm at night as it was so dark we didn’t see the ridiculous sign stating that it’s 24/7 monitored we entered the car park for approximately 20mins we didn’t leave our vehicles then left! So unfair will not be returning to instow!

  13. Sabine Leach UNITED KINGDOM


  14. Ruth vincent UNITED KINGDOM

    So fed up with people been given unfair parking fines , it is time a fair way to pay was introduced.

  15. Judith Brady

    I have used Instow beach regularly for years for dog walks but this unfair system really puts me off. I’m happy to pay for my parking but this seems to be set up to deliberately catch people out. Very sad to see such greediness spoiling a lovely place.

  16. Christine Neal UNITED KINGDOM

    The car park is a disgrace. It had clearly been designed to deceive honest people.

  17. Liz Priest UNITED KINGDOM

    Needs to be a fair system for everyone


    Good luck

  19. Denise Davey

    I want to enjoy the beach without constant worrying and this is killing the tourist trade.

  20. Jeannie Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    This parking situation is a disgrace, and Christie Estates must accept responsibility. Visitors may come once, but won’t return, and will spread the word. We need to encourage visitors, not put them off!

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