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Created June 6, 2010 by Robert


We, the undersigned, are strongly opposed to Lewisham Council's current planning proposals to demolish two beautiful buildings at Gordonbrock School. We also support an alternative approach that retains and enhances the original buildings that are so important to the area, such as that put forward by the Brockley Society.

There are currently 53 signatures for this petition:

  1. Bree Garrick UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Rachel Lloyd Brockley UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Ray White lewisham UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Get Alife Brockley UNITED KINGDOM

    No one wants to hold up this much needed redevelopment of Gordonbrock apart from an undemocratic Brockley Society (they refused to accept a clear majority to stop this action at their last meeting). Let's allow the Council's plan to go forward and stop this nonsense.

  5. Victoria Holt Durham UNITED KINGDOM
  6. anthony bache ladywell UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a poor design with poor quality materials.You are replacing buildings that have stood for a century with ones that are only built to last 60 years ( from burgoynes own architect).Not in keeping with the vernacular style and with little enhancing effect.

  7. Electronic Propaganda out of space UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Josephine Sheppard Lavenham UNITED KINGDOM

    ex pupil

  9. Philip Wood London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Sandra Halms High Wycombe UNITED KINGDOM

    I attended Gordonbrock school and my elderly parents live opposite the school. It is an attractive site which fits in with the local architecture and with the nearby conservation area. The edwardian buildings sre essential to the character of the area.

  11. Karen Vollaire Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    The school has such history, and the buildings in question represent where the school has come from. Children would get a sense of history and pride in their school if they're taught to appreciate these buildings. Gordon Brock Bridgman was my great grandfather! I never met him, my mother did. But he was an interesting man from what I can tell. He actually went on to become an architect. So this whole architectural debate is quite ironic. I wonder what he would have done? (He designed the Palace in Sudan apparently and the bank too if I'm not mistaken). We have a photo or 2 of him if the school is ever interested.

  12. N Ellis Crofton park UNITED KINGDOM

    mix old and new together. Historic buildings have a warmth and character that cannot be created in the same way with contemporary buildings. A mix of brand new and characterful old would be great for the primary school children, a lesson in history lets say!

  13. Tim Hull Salisbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Previous pupil who is angry that these precious buildings could be destroyed

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