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Created June 6, 2010 by Robert


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  1. Julie Bew Ash Vale UNITED KINGDOM

    It is important to preserve the history of Brockley whilst providing decent and serviceable accommodation at a reasonable price for the children of today and many years to come.

  2. Lorraine Kumarasinhe Dover UNITED KINGDOM

    Two beautiful buildings should never be demolished and therefore the area will loose a lot of the heritage that could live on. Shame

  3. David Spink Arbroath UNITED KINGDOM
  4. grant ricketts bexlryheath UNITED KINGDOM

    with technology today the school can be extended and added to not knocked down.

  5. Ralph Britton Southend-on-Sea UNITED KINGDOM

    What a nonsense.Lewisham Council have always trodden on the community they were elected to serve,and with a Stalinist zeal.For instance, their putting a black cat over the Catford precinct to represent Catford's history.If they had done their homework they might have come up with the truth!Catford's name is derived from the place where the cattle were able to ford the river Ravensbourne.They really are a dangerous nonsense.

  6. Anthony Osborne London UNITED KINGDOM

    it would be a tragedy to go ahead with this now completely discredited plan.

  7. Barry Yarde Brockley UNITED KINGDOM

    Why do we have to be constantly told by Architects and developers that new is good. The existing building is a good bit of architecture. As a reasonable compromise, the re-worked designs seems to be the best solution on the table.

  8. David Sheldrick Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM

    There has already been too much 'comprehensive redevelopment' in Lewisham. I would like to see what remains of Lewisham's Victorian and Edwardian heritage retained and, where possible, enhanced for future generations.

  9. Martin O'Shea Brockley UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Valerie Remnant Burghead UNITED KINGDOM

    Gordonbrock was good enough for us just after the war, and there's no reason why it shouldn't be good enough for today's children.

  11. Des Sampson Ladywell UNITED KINGDOM

    As a parent I believe that Lewisham's decision not to incorporate more of the original Edwardian buildings in the redevelopment of Gordonbrock is both disingenuine and shortsighted: the replacement buildings will be far inferior.

  12. James Needham Brockley GERMANY

    As a parent of a young child at the school I am dismayed at the thought of my daughters education being disrupted due to the fact that the council wishes to extend the schools intake by demolishing perfectly sound buildings which quite frankly is an absolute disgrace. \r\n\r\n\r\n

  13. Sarah Huthwaite Brockley UNITED KINGDOM

    Typical of Lewisham Council that they try to get these things passed through quietly!!!!!

  14. Sally Adams Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM

    I would like to see more of the existing buildings retained and more thought given to the size of the outdoor play areas for the children than is currently proposed in the councils plans.

  15. Sheila McEwan Castle Douglas UNITED KINGDOM

    I attended this school from 1954-1960 & think that victorian buildings such as this have an irreplaceable historical value & can be adapted or updated to meet current requirements. To demolish this building in favour of a modern structure (no matter how efficient)would be sheer vandalism, We need to preserve not destroy our past!

  16. Sarit Wilson Chen Lewisham ISRAEL
  17. Nahrein David San Francisco UNITED STATES
  18. Jenny Varney Brockley UNITED KINGDOM

    Not every new building is automatically better for its purpose than a refurbished building that has stood the test of time and fits in wih its surroundings. Lucas Vale school is still functioning well but look what happened to Ashmead – built in the 1970s and now knocked down and replaced. Myatt garden school, also built in the 70s has had lots of structural problems with leaks and flooding lavatories

  19. Donna Davis London UNITED KINGDOM

    I find it difficult to understand why the views of local residents are being completely ignored by Lewisham council.

  20. Zoë Gaffen Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM

    Having witnessed the trauma caused to many children, by the decant from Lewisham Bridge Primary School to the Mornington Centre, I am strongly opposed to this option. \r\nA partial rebuild of the Gordonbrook Primary School would, in addition to avoiding a decant of the school during the period of rebuilding/remodelling and refurbishment, the end result would be more aesthetically pleasing, and would preserve the local character of this area. In addition, the environmental and financial costs of this alternative plan proposed by the Brockley Society would be lower, whilst delivering a better overall build and design quality. The plan retains more playground space, an extra classroom, and virtually identical total teaching space.\r\nIf Bouygues are indeed a partner to the Lewisham Council's current planning proposals, I would urge you to look at the new school buildings erected by them at Prendergast Ladywell Fields 'College' in Manwood Road, SE4. That is the 'quality' of design and build that is typical of this company, so ask yourselves: do you want a well-built school, or a 'temporary' structure that may not have a viable lifespan of more than 15-25 years. The interior fixtures and fittings may not be sufficiently robust to withstand the daily contact with boisterous children, that the original Edwardian building was designed for. I speak from personal experience of at least 2 such buildings.

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