Save Gordonbrock School

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Created June 6, 2010 by Robert


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There are currently 53 signatures for this petition:

  1. Robert Park London UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Meredith Eddy Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM

    Why not consider the alternative? What on earth does Lewisham have to lose?

  3. Lucy Roberts Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Patricia Caddy Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    I attended Gordon Brock School in the 50s and my mother did before me. The buildings are beautiful and should be preserved. Modern isn't always the best and old and new can live hand in hand as has been proven many times.

  6. Peter Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    It seems that Lewisham want to press ahead with no appreciation of legacy and aesthetic impact on the future community.

  7. Judith Blaker Wiveliscombe UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Tracey Colaluca UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Rosemary Fraser Brighton & Hove UNITED KINGDOM

    I loved my Primary School – Gordonbrock. My teachers were Mrs. Graham and Miss Mitchell and the Head was Mr. England. I was there from 1952 – 1958, then went on to Roan after the 11+

  10. bernard furbank barnehurst UNITED KINGDOM

    Let common sense prevail

  11. donna pirou plumstead CYPRUS

    I used to go to this school from 75-81 no need for demolishing these strong buildings for modern stuff with no character looks like you have too much spare money.

  12. Brigid Nelson Ladywell UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save our school.

  13. Linda Longmore Parksville BC Canada CANADA

    I was a teacher at Gordonbrock School and feel very strongly about preserving as much of the original building as is possible . Combining the new with the old would give the children a strong sense of history and community- so important in these days of rapid change.

  14. Jane Robinson plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    Can't support you by coming to meetings but would wish to support this great school from being radically changed from that which my son so happily attended in the early 1990s

  15. Hugh Morgan Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Teresa Donegan Brockley UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Pat Richards Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    Attended Gordonbrock 1947-52

  18. Richard Marchese Robinson Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    There would appear no good reason to reject the considered proposals put forward by the Brockley Society. The destruction of the school's aesthetic and reduction in recreational space, both aspects I recall with fondness as a pupil from the early 1990s, seem entirely unjustified.

  19. Sally Leach London SPAIN

    Cannot attend meeting but you have my support

  20. Helen Lee Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
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