Save Savile Row From Abercrombie & Fitch

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Created March 21, 2012 by Gustav


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  1. charlotte ficat FRANCE



    This is appalling almost beyond words. I keep returning to visit this country for its heritage and now I see yet another example of that very heritage been destroyed.

  3. Steve Thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    bespoke tailoring is a hard-learned craft and Saville Row is a World-renowned centre that should not be compromised by a stealthy encroachment of chains who don’t share it’s values for quality tailoring. To allow a branded super-store on Saville Row will be London’s loss in the longer-term

  4. Brian Grieve UNITED KINGDOM

    A&F doesnt not belong at Saville Row!

  5. Sarah Venner

    Tailoring is a historical tradition and to have a street dedicated to it is unique and it should stay that way!

  6. Tom de Albuquerque UNITED KINGDOM

    Saclike Row should be made a UNESCO world heritage site. Out with the teenyboppers and the frankly creepy advertising…

  7. Tina

    Saville Row should remain a place for tailoring and NOT cheaply made overpriced clothing.


    Abercrombie & Fitch would not only represent a gross insult to the fines tradition of British tailoring but represents the ever increasing Americanisation of our refined society.

  9. Leeji hong UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Alexander McIntyre

    A plea to preserve the traditional character of the Row.

  11. Lotte Crawford UNITED KINGDOM

    Savile row is a key element of British heretage and Identity, it must be protected

  12. Craig Ling

    No thanks Yanks

  13. Jack Roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    for shame

  14. Maria Forana UNITED KINGDOM

    Another plea to preserve the traditional character of the Row.

  15. Tom Hunter UNITED KINGDOM

    Not the place for A+F.

  16. Victoria Foster


  17. Rupert Bold UNITED KINGDOM

    Got my first bespoke suit on Saville Row and just inherited my Grandfather’s Chester Barrie tweed 3 piece.

  18. Petter Flaten Eilertsen NORWAY

    Please free us from this sartorial disaster!

  19. Donna Hanson UNITED KINGDOM

    Move along now A&F – there are plenty of other empty properties in Mayfair in these austere times for you to trade happily from. Save Savile Row for the serious grown- ups, eh?

  20. P Mountford UNITED KINGDOM

    Enough shops already! Really. Abercrombie’s ‘we only hire model types’ philosophy sucks! One of their stores on Saville Row would be an ill-fitting eyesore.

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