Save Savile Row From Abercrombie & Fitch

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Created March 21, 2012 by Gustav


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  1. Aida Amoako UNITED KINGDOM

    An outrage

  2. Georgina hodson UNITED KINGDOM

    Abercrombie and FItch should be ashamed of themselves.. Trying to cash in our our English heritage. Don’t they get it.. .
    Some .. things money just can’t buy !

  3. Mark Lightfoot MALTA

    Sacrilege should they be allowed to open. Why anyone would want to walk around with A&F emblazoned on their posterior, chest or whatever… just another global brand for the chavs to do a burberry on.

  4. Jake Dodd



    Savile Row has is no place for A&F’s bare chested human slaves!

  6. karen kirk FRANCE

    Not on.

  7. P. kingdom GERMANY

    Is nothing sacred!

  8. Maximillian de Winter GERMANY

    The thin end of the wedge, if you ask me. It would be nothing short of a disaster if they were allowed to open this ‘store’.

  9. Matt Brewer UNITED KINGDOM

    Down with this sort of thing

  10. Paddie Reed

    I am so fed up with the way all town/ city centres are now all the same. One cannot tell Peterborough from Corby from Norwich from Lincoln from London. Keep out these downmarket, parasitical stores!



  12. Zac von Roretz UNITED KINGDOM

    Terminate them with extreme prejudice, Never say their name out loud

  13. Christina Kime UNITED KINGDOM

    A&F has no place amongst these fine establishments, especially when there are plenty of other locations. It’s time that we took a greater pride and interest in protecting our cultural heritage in Britain.


    Please recognize the heritage of Savile Row and protect it for all to appreciate.

  15. Belinda Barnes UNITED KINGDOM

    If we are not careful we will reach a position where every high street in the UK is lined with the same, faceless high street shops. We will have lost the boutiques and independent retailers that give character to a place.



  17. ross


  18. Jane Grierson UNITED KINGDOM

    Pointless consumerism v. superlative quality.
    Absolutely no contest!!

  19. Lucky Dube UNITED KINGDOM

    suits beat hoodies

  20. Benjamin UNITED KINGDOM

    100% behind this movement. I don’t object to progress, but the idea of having a modern day chain store, which in no way embodies the spirit of Savile Row, tacked onto a unique street which is rich in history and style is quite frankly absurd. I would like to point out this is not snobbery on my part, but rather a request to protect that which is historic. Keep flagship stores with flagship stores, and tailors with tailors I say. On another note that smell alluded to is quite frankly horrific

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