Save Savile Row From Abercrombie & Fitch

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Created March 21, 2012 by Gustav


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    Ridiculous. A & F do not belong on a street renown for it’s high class offerings. It would be like putting a McDonald’s next to Scott’s in Mayfair.

  2. Caspar Thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    Maintain Savile Row’s traditional tailoring.

  3. Joseph McColl Esq. UNITED KINGDOM

    Dammit this will not do!

  4. Christopher Harrison CANADA

    Savile Row is more than clothing, it carries a history that should not be lost.


    Everything has it’s place and for mass produced clone store brands like A & F it’s the soul less malls like Westfield. Savile row is a national treasure and should be treated as such.

  6. Steven firth CANADA

    The exquisite nature of the clothing produced on Savil Row is renown throughout the world. A gentleman is able to purchase the finest quality clothing goods from only a limited number of tailors, almost all of which are in London on Savil Row. The reputation of The Row and the clothing produced there ought not be sullied by permitting lower quality vendors to trade along side such venerable and historic gentlemens outfitters.

  7. Georgia Linton UNITED STATES

    Save Savile Row’s timeless elegance from gauche imposters!

  8. Curt Bolding UNITED STATES

    Find somewhere else, A & F.

  9. Taras Ciuriak UNITED KINGDOM

    Give Three-Piece a Chance!

  10. Brett Gillingham UNITED KINGDOM

    If Abercrombie & Fitch think that they will gain some respect and kudos by association with such a venerable address than I think they either misunderstand the matter or simply don’t care. Whilst they momentarily will be able to state Abercrombie & Fitch of Savile Row they will inevitably be the thin end of a wedge that will kill Savile Row and all that it stands for. A parasite that will kill the host. An insult to all that is English ….and in the Jubilee year. Have they no shame?

  11. Sergio Braga-Mullin UNITED KINGDOM

    My first ever suit was a Saville Row affair, and I love it still. A&F have plenty of options in the London area, keep the area as it ought to be, and leave Saville Row as is.

  12. Jan Beardkins UNITED KINGDOM

    There are numerous great streets in London that have been defaced in recent times. Please don’t let Savile Row be next!

  13. Jason CANADA

    Abercrombie and Fitch is a great clothing retailer but class must remain class. To have a casual wear company on a bespoke tailoring sector is unacceptable.


    Good God! We never won an empire to let some upstart of a clothier march in and take over a piece of our Sartorial heritage…out with the Boundahs I say! Bring back Capital Punishment, floggings and deportation back to the colonies.. What…

  15. Mark Wharton

    Tradition takes a lifetime to build, let’s keep our fine pedigree of English tailors free from such stores.

  16. John Sothcott UNITED KINGDOM

    I am at a loss to understand how the ‘Row’ can descend into the Hades that is the mess of global department stores which sell rubbish made in the far East homogenising our streets formerly of independent retailers and tailors because of sky high rents being ‘jacked up’ by venal landlords (in this case Gerald and the estate trust). The battle has already been pretty much lost in my own neighbourhood (Portobello Road) so please let not Savile Row succumb to the same fate.

  17. Richard Casey UNITED STATES

    As an American I buy most of my clothes from Savile Row and Jermyn Street. We have nothing comparable to the English bespoke stores here in the US and it would be tragic to lose any of these stores. I’m just as appalled by Abercrombie and Fitch invading Savile Row and Jermyn Street.

  18. Emma Walsh UNITED KINGDOM

    Ridiculous and must be stopped.

  19. Hannah Wasserfuhr GERMANY

    Keep Savile Row! It is part of european history and a manifest of beloved decadence!

  20. Robert Stendel GERMANY

    Give Three-Piece a Chance!

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