Save Savile Row From Abercrombie & Fitch

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Created March 21, 2012 by Gustav


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There are currently 1843 signatures for this petition:


    I strongly Object.

  2. Tobias

    Keep Savil Row British

  3. Josef Oswald AUSTRIA

    Although I am Austrian, I sign this petition.If Savile Row will be “americanized” what will be the next “British Institution” ?

  4. Jonathan Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    Time to stand up for good taste.

  5. rebecca plummer UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep Saville Row as the home of British Tailoring.

  6. Nicola Hubbard

    Down with A & F

  7. Samuel Rivers UNITED KINGDOM

    Abercrombie & fitch. No.

  8. Pepe SPAIN

    Keep Abercrombie out from Savile Row, please!!

  9. Pepe SPAIN

    And keep british out from Gibraltar, please!!

  10. Kieran Chambers

    Jolly good!

  11. The Mid-Life Christs

    Jolly good show!

  12. Rory Hunt UNITED KINGDOM

    Savile Row is a landmark of quality over anything else. A&F is a landmark of money and poor taste over quality and style. A blight on Burlington Gardens and it will be the sad end of the last bastion of British tailors if they are allowed to open their spoilt brats chain on this sacred land.

  13. josue jonathan ces


  14. John Davis UNITED KINGDOM

    Good work, this petition that is.

  15. Karl Anderson UNITED KINGDOM

    Preserve the dignity and tradition of Savile Row

  16. Marine Henriot FRANCE


  17. François-Xavier Marquaire FRANCE

    Please preserve this cultural – and sartorial – landmark!

  18. Hugo Williams-Ellis

    Save Savile Row

  19. Filip POLAND

    Never, ever!

  20. Edward Corby UNITED KINGDOM

    Savile Row is too much of a British establishment. We can not have an American shop be put up here, especially a shop targeted to rich brats

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