Save Savile Row From Abercrombie & Fitch

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Created March 21, 2012 by Gustav


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  1. Arthur Logan Decker III UNITED STATES

    The honor and integrity of Savile Row must be protected from these globalists who do not understand the traditional of gentlemen’s clothing and tailoring.

  2. Elaine Barnett UNITED STATES

    This department store does not fit rest of the neighbourhood!

  3. Dana

    people should know who’s making their clothes not some mass production of something at a ridiculous price, this is why people are losing their jobs. its just not right.

  4. ronan lagathu FRANCE

    There are plenty of space in London for this kind of stores, they should relocate elsewhere so not to spoil SR.

  5. Olivier Commencas FRANCE

    May be a localisation is free in the sewers for A&F but in an other street please!

  6. GorMand FRANCE

    Proud to be In


    Save Savile Row!

  8. Marco Finetti UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep them out!

  9. Dale Dare GERMANY

    Saville Row for Chaps not “Chavs”!!!

  10. Justinius Bradley Ott UNITED KINGDOM

    Woeful decision – banish them!

  11. Arlen Donald UNITED STATES

    I am greatly disappointed to see that a chain shop may be allowed in. If it were I cannot imagine it would be long before the street was full of them and our esteemed tailors who have been there for generations will be forced out. (The Gap can afford the rents a lot more easily, after all.)
    Please do not let this wonderful landmark of London be brought down.

  12. Matthew Price UNITED KINGDOM

    Why ruin Savile Row, put it somewhere else please.

  13. Micheal Lay UNITED KINGDOM

    Why ruin Savile Row

  14. Mahwish CANADA

    What a disgrace to heritage and style. Keep them far away!

  15. Oliver Lomer UNITED KINGDOM

    Not appropriate

  16. belleville FRANCE



    Wish all the best to Abercrombie & Fitch. But I believe their wanting to open a shop on Savile Row is an insult to the men and women whose long-held craft they endanger by being there. A position in Westfield designer/retail emporium is far more appropriate.

  18. Eetu Savolainen FINLAND

    Please save Savile Row. Don’t ruin over 200 years of tradition.

  19. Rosa Huhtamäki MALTA

    Mainstream clothes have enough shops around, they don’t need to ruin history.

  20. Deoain Dominique UNITED KINGDOM

    Abercrombie & Fitch have no business ruining the Row. English Heritage should declare the street as a national treasure to be protected from commercialism.

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