Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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There are currently 4695 signatures for this petition:

  1. Matthew Horwell Stoke-on-Trent UNITED KINGDOM
  2. peter Eiben mansfield UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Wendy Mears Great Missenden UNITED KINGDOM

    I was driving tonight and did not feel safe as I was blinded by oncoming cars, likewise I guess I must have been blinding the oncoming drivers

  4. James Mears Great Missenden UNITED KINGDOM

    Modern lights are too bright and something must be done. Great to see the road ahead but not good for oncoming traffic, especially in the country where there are no street lights – it is quite frightenining

  5. Richard Allen Rothwell UNITED KINGDOM

    These daylight lights serve no usefull purpose and are a new totally unessary hazard.xenon lights also need banning, far too powerful esp dangerous on big 4×4 s.

  6. Sue Beck Wellingborough UNITED KINGDOM

    I am sick to death of being blinded by on coming traffic headlights. Most of the drivers seem to be not English people. It should be the law for anyone entering this Country to pass a British driving Test. The Foreigners do not seem to understand our road laws. Also alot of them drive on the wrong side of unaware of us British drivers, this is totally ignorant.

  7. Richard Bowyer Dudley UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Robert Parkin Northampton UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Mark Pitt Tywyn UNITED KINGDOM

    Also if Fog Lights are used when there is no fog then there should be points put on licenses

  10. Mark Steers Ilford UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Paul Knowlton Papplewick UNITED STATES

    What a great way to encourage lazy driving where people don't look for vulnerable road users and pedestrians as drivers only look for lights, not moving objects. This may make it safer for the driver but not for the person they should be looking for.

  12. Hugh Woodroffe swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Anthony Scallan Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Michael Scammell London UNITED STATES

    Utterly ludicrous. We already have the situation where motorbikes have their lights on main beam during the day – hugely dangerous for cyclists. One much better safety tip for the govt: ban satnavs being mounted on the screen of cars – some are often in the driver's line of sight.

  15. Staurt Smith Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Neil Cain UNITED STATES
  17. David Hayward Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Robert MacQueen Leamington Spa UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe that DLRs make cyclists harder to see and will increase accidents. This is especially true with the newer high intensity lights.

  19. Mike Watson Exeter UNITED KINGDOM

    I am often blinded by oncoming cars on my commute home – and have had an accident due to not being able to see side of road due to lights of oncoming car. People do not need to be dazzled

  20. Paul Evans Brentwood UNITED STATES

    Bad idea are DRL's for road safety of vulnerable persons.

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