Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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There are currently 4695 signatures for this petition:

  1. Adrian Don North Shields UNITED KINGDOM

    If every vehicle ends up with daylight running lights, it's not rocket science to conclude that slow, small vehicles like cycles will become far less visible.

  2. simon ayres church stretton UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Tim Hiscocks SWEDEN

    There is no need for low-beam (not sidelights) lights to be on in the daytime. They can only serve to dazzle and confuse, especially with the new cars LED lights which are ridiculously bright.

  4. Gregory Lovett Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Rob dawson london UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Stuart Dunn Chelmsford UNITED STATES
  7. Jeremy Evans Linlithgow UNITED KINGDOM

    I am concerned that the brightness of lights is generally escalating, but we will end up in the same position which is that there will always be someone who is less visible, and the only way to address that is for all road users to pay attention and be sensible. And this can be done without wasted energy and light pollution.

    regards, Jeremy Evans

  8. martin maklouf UNITED STATES
  9. Steve Cox
  10. Martin Elliott Heywood UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Carl Vincent Whitley Bay UNITED KINGDOM

    Overly bright lights are a hazard to everyone. Daytime running lights are an excuse for drivers who don't look properly.

  12. Peter Branson Holmfirth UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Peter Reid Manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    Daytime driving lights cause distractions to other drivers. Following the logic of imposing safety lights, surely there must be evidence that black or dark coloured cars are more hazardous?

  14. Neil Ellison Stockton on Tees UNITED KINGDOM

    With 30 years behind me as a Road Safety officer, working to reduce the risk to vulnerable road users, it fills me with concern that we are looking to take this retrograde step. Pedestrians, cyclists, horse-riders and similar will disappear behind the dazzle and distraction caused by such running light, especially in low light/ twilight conditions

  15. Royston Smith Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  16. RIchard Prag UNITED KINGDOM

    I support this petition both from the position of being a cyclist and a driver, and from being dazzled by high intensity headlights during the day and at night

  17. Michael Diamond Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Martin White UNITED KINGDOM
  19. David Matthews Bristol

    I feel very strongly about this issue and I am pleased a petition has been set up.

  20. Ronald Dix Southport UNITED KINGDOM

    I can't believe that manufacturers are allowed to specify lights which dazzle. Which numpty is approving this ?

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