Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Clive Warren Exeter UNITED KINGDOM

    Safety is not the only issue with DRL. Unnecessary consumption of energy is another issue at a time when there is much propaganda on energy saving. If all vehicles have DRL, do some sums and you will be astonished at the result.

  2. Trevor Dale Harrogate UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree. Headlights do not help much in well lit streets and my night vision is destroyed each time a vehicle passes with headlighjts on. Sidelights are quite sufficient in these cases. Headlights should be reserved for emergency use and for the dark. They also draw indirectly on fuel to power them – ungreen C+.

  3. James Holland Colchester UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Paul Weston chelmsford UNITED STATES
  5. william John Smyth London UNITED KINGDOM

    day time running lights would be a danger to pedestrians and cyclists

  6. Christine Howard UNITED KINGDOM

    I am constantly blinded by these bright lights, and for a few moments cannot see anything other than the shape of the lights in my eyes – very dangerous.

  7. graham jones cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    The dazzling / stun blinding of oncoming drivers / walkers / cyclists – is pure madness and a sure recipe for accidents. Dangerous in the extreme and should be banned.

  8. Keith Pinson UNITED STATES
  9. Nigel Cammann Gunnislake UNITED KINGDOM
  10. J Dutton Fens UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Chris Puttick UNITED KINGDOM
  12. peter hammonds Wigston UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Keith Lewis cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    fed up of being dazzled on urban roads, i often thought whilst using some crossings at night as to why i have been nearly knocked down,then thinking about it whilst driving i realised that on coming vehicles with extra bright dipped headlights meant that my vision of pedestrians on the pavements was reduced to the extent that they cannot been seen

  14. Martin Ogborne Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM



    Most of these are illegally fitted HDI lights on saxos, Clios, Golfs etc

  16. Chris Darkin Dagenham UNITED KINGDOM

    Most cars behind me completely illuminate the interior of my car and blind me in my mirrors, I thought light angles were supposed to be checked at the MOT. And the 'blue' white lights are ridiculous and dangerous. the laws should be changed/reinforced.

  17. peter john blake brigstock UNITED KINGDOM

    It's as if they don't see you or just don't care

  18. Steven Jones Stowon the Wold UNITED KINGDOM

    It's a constant problem that the local police refuse to enforce when we ask them

  19. max solanis glenrothes UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Judith Dix Southport UNITED KINGDOM
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