Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Magdalena Janik manc UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Derek Reynolds St Albans UNITED KINGDOM

    The reliance on being seen has taken over from 'see'. This is a transference of a basic necessity of observation that is the core of road safety. We cannot always wear clothing that contrasts with our surroundings, as often our surroundings are multi coloured. Lights do dazzle – especially LED's – this prevents better observation of hazards, it does not enhance vital overall observation.

  4. max bahiri ealing UNITED KINGDOM

    daytime running lights are a complete and utter waste of time
    please sstop this nonsense and we need to focus on other more important transport and road issues.

  5. Alex Ballantyne Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM

    The advent of HID lamps, beam adjustment, and high vehicles with soft suspension (4x4s) have had two effects:
    One-poor beam aiming
    Two-very intense sharply defined beams so that the consequence of poor aiming is severe dazzle.

  6. Jason Gillam Trowbridge UNITED KINGDOM

    On the country roads round here these kinds of headlights obscure your vision of the edge of the road which is most cases is a hedge or ditch. In my opinion the less lights the better (that includes street lights but thats another story!!)

  7. Dan Scott Bradford UNITED KINGDOM

    My everyday journey's become increasingly frustrating with irresonsible drivers using 'blue' and HID headlights. Plus, fog lights are equally as frustrating!

  8. Steven Todd Hartley Wintney UNITED KINGDOM

    I have thought for a long time that this issue should be reviewed especially on the taller 4WD vehicles,I would also add that the number of vehicles currently on the road with defective lights is also a great danger to all road users and pedestrians.

  9. George Marsden romford UNITED KINGDOM

    These lamps are bliding to oncoming motorists

  10. George Bancroft Barrow in Furness UNITED KINGDOM

    This problem is even more extreme as I live in a country area and a lot of driving is done in total darknes, at night. It's a serious matter and I am driving less and less at night, because of it. It is limiting my freedom of movement.

  11. Paul Thompson Barrow in Furness UNITED KINGDOM

    This is increasingly a serious safety problem. Driving in Cumbria at night, in the dark, makes the problem even more severe.

  12. martin newman london UNITED KINGDOM

    These lights are unsafe for all drivers especially for disabled who tire easily. Driving at night means having to squint at times, and can be a nightmare, so I avoid it if I can..

  13. Andrew Wilkinson Darlington UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Mark Casley Bradford on Avon UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Steph Davies Northampton UNITED KINGDOM
  16. M Bayley Walsall UNITED KINGDOM
  17. John Ruddy Lymington UNITED KINGDOM

    I have never understood how HID lamps were allowed to be so bright. It is illegal to fit high wattage bulbs.

  18. Christopher MUSK UNITED KINGDOM

    Lights should be controled by the number of 'lumens' rather than wattage

  19. Gavin Edmonds Ealing UNITED KINGDOM

    Bright headlights are a problem for me both when I am driving and when I am commuting on my pedal bike

  20. Ian Cowley St. Neot UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with this campaign whole heartedly. It's so sad the legislation takes so long to catch up to technology, goes to show how detached politicians are from day to day life.

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