Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Geprge Warren Camden UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Lucy Campbell Burford UNITED KINGDOM


  3. Alexandra Carter UNITED KINGDOM
  4. kyle de Klee Auchtermuchty UNITED KINGDOM

    they are blind not to realise the dangers.

  5. Venetia Hulse London UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Michael Groom Shefford UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Peter Fionda UNITED KINGDOM

    These useless artefacts leave me sightless for a few seconds after I've been dazzled by them!

  9. Emma Mallon london UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Alison Telfer Camberwell UNITED KINGDOM
  11. David Beckett Grantham UNITED KINGDOM

    Glad somebody is doing something about this obvious and avoidable hazard.

  12. Julie Christmas Berinsfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Thank you for bringing this DANGEROUS monster to our attention. I had wondered why car lights are on during perfectly clear days, it is extremely distracting, dangerous and totally unnecessary.

    I live in the Oxfordshire area, where there are no street lamps. The glare of night lights makes driving very difficult, especially since you do not have the street lamp to help neutralise the saturating glare. We put up with fog lights on perfectly clear evenings (and the hideous neon blue extra’s), Halogen and Xenon lights dazzling us by their twinkling ultra violet covering vastly more space than the average headlamp. Cars driving so close that you are dazzled front and rear and now we have the latest glaring error – daytime running lights! It’s odd that the design of running lights give the impression of an aggressive ‘scowl’ on the vehicle, is that deliberate too?
    Now that drivers have taken to putting lights on during the day we are accosted by all of the above – all the time and the sensory information of the average driver is now at overload. My husband has ‘glare induced’ migraines and his migraines are becoming more frequent now. The Government ministers don’t have a clue because most are chauffeur driven and have blacked out windows so this does not affect them.

    Another point in question is: – the amount of car drivers with one headlamp working and the one working is on FULL BEAM! – TOTAL DAZZLE OVERLOAD! Doesn’t anyone carry a spare or are they too expensive and cumbersome to put in so they just cannot be bothered. You can’t always tell if it’s a bike or car.

  13. Trevor Baird UNITED KINGDOM

    Blinding lights are a nightmare especially on dark country roads and soon to have mandatory diode running lights on during the day on new cars and vans.

  14. Michael Joynes Alexandria UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Tim Pykett Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Les Ebbrell
  17. Denis Mulhearn Little Neston UNITED KINGDOM

    I get really get annoyed with drivers who drive with a full beam on behind me never mind in front.
    I certainly don't need them during the day

  18. James Walker Brighouse

    High glare lamps with an aging population that is more glare sensitive are inherently dangerous and should not be permitted for any reasons.

  19. Mike Brewis Stockport UNITED KINGDOM

    Retro fit Bi-Xenon lights are a real menace and should be banned, why do we have daytime running lights? I can understand them in the far north of scandanavia where you can have 6 months of darkness but they are not needed anywhere else.

  20. Tom Milnes Solihull UNITED KINGDOM

    Driving at night is becoming more difficult and part of this reason if too many dazzling lights.

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