Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Wendy New Southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    As a wearer of spectacles,even when opting for anti-glare/anti-reflective coatings, increasing numbers of vehicle lights are dazzling me, to the point when I am becoming uneasy about night-driving. The thought that we will have to put up with these problems in daylight too seems contary to all safety measures.

  2. henry sams salisbury UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Colin Groom Dunstable UNITED KINGDOM

    Also a potential problem, the amber running lights on the side of the headlight on certain new BMWs. A glance at them makes one think they are turning.

  4. Matt Elson Swindon UNITED KINGDOM


  5. Florence Mercer Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Olivia Wright London UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Ottilie Windsor London UNITED KINGDOM

    Florenece Mercer's Friend

  8. Georgina Cockcroft UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Helena Dickie London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Imogen Corke
  11. Kerry-Louise Kemp Parsons Green UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Rosa Hextall London UNITED STATES
  13. Mary Pettigrove Clapham UNITED KINGDOM
  14. alex fox london UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Ellie Erbaccio London UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Catherine Redwood Horley UNITED KINGDOM

    I drive a large VW and so I sit up rather high with my standard halogen lights. However, I am still dazzled from the front and back by vehicles with incorrectly set lights. Why can't the Government see sense and get the legislation changed so that all Bi-Xenons get tested properly

  17. Katie St george London GERMANY
  18. Sophie Sutcliffe London UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Nina Brown oxford UNITED KINGDOM
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