Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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There are currently 4695 signatures for this petition:

  1. Gavin Perham UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Dawn Cant Bromley UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Geoffrey Bowron Fleet UNITED KINGDOM

    It is not just the brightness of lights that concern me. It is also the height of the headlights. Even modest lights on a vehicle with high lights cause dazzle.

  4. Jeremy Hughes Cobham UNITED KINGDOM

    Saw article in "ROAD" magazine and agree strongly with all the issues mentioned, particularly misuse of F&R fog lights, DRL's and foot brake light glare when stationary especially those placed high on the rear windscreen.

  5. Graham Beech Ilkeston UNITED KINGDOM

    As a professional coach driver I am being dazzled by these HID lights every evening.Either impose a total ban on DIY retro fit HID kits or ban HID lights completely. They are only good if the a fitted by the manufaturer and maintained correctly

  6. Katy Young Bicester UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep the campaign going strong! Let's make increasing road safety a priority.

  7. michael winsbury horley UNITED KINGDOM

    get them band .they are a fcuking nightmare

  8. Brian Grey Hamilton NEW ZEALAND

    New Zealand

  9. Frank Jones Salford UNITED STATES
  10. geoff bolton Southampton

    I am a motorcyclist and I rely on my headlight to be seen during the day.. If all vehicles have to have daytime running light I am worried I will once again disappear amongst the other traffic endangering my life and other road users. this is one of those ideas that sound good but will not work..pls rethink.

  11. Rob Bellingham Shirley UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Michael Jamieson Monmouth UNITED KINGDOM

    As a car driver, motorcyclist and cyclist I am very aware of the hazard caused by daytime lights and am very strongly opposed to this ludicrous DaDRL proposal

  13. Gordon MacBean London

    Being a motorcyclist, trying to find the bikes in the glare of lights is a pain. More lights on the road is going to mask the presence of cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Not a safe move.

  14. J Coake Caterham UNITED KINGDOM
  15. john trueman bishops stortford UNITED KINGDOM

    Law will make riding a motorcycle more dangerous than it is now.

  16. Gary McMillan Swindon UNITED KINGDOM

    This will kill more bikers than any other daft law this country has come up with so far

  17. phillip law swindon

    Get this stopped before someone dies.


    This law is really stupid and those voted for this are stupid too. Waste of energy/petrol is a major issue too!

  19. Joanne Wright warwick UNITED KINGDOM

    fair play they blind drivers.

  20. Ben Paget leamington spa UNITED KINGDOM

    drivers need to be educated about the use of these lights.

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