Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Zack Thomas Merthyr Tydfil UNITED KINGDOM

    You're all losers… I own a DS3 and the DRLs look ace ! You all need to loosen up a bit…

  2. Paul Spurling Ipswich UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Robert Parr Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Dawn Woodward Wolverhampton UNITED KINGDOM

    My concern is motorcyclists who stand more chance of not being seen as we will blend in with the rest. Also bright lights give me migraine. I spend all day on the road and fear I will have to persue another career if this new rule is enforced.

  5. Denise shepherd Cumbernauld GERMANY

    Lights are dazzling enough at the moment. As an ADI I think it is a serious safety issue not to make the lights 50% brighter.

  6. Dave Pascoe High Wycombe UNITED KINGDOM

    Good cause, which as a driving instructor and motorcyclist I am happy to support. I also think that poor headlight adjustment should be clamped down on, how do these vehicles pass their MOT each year, then blind everyone with out of spec adjustment ?

  7. Evon McEwan Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Richard Barton Merstham UNITED KINGDOM

    These high intensity lights have a bluer sectrum than the older lights, which adds to refractive scatter, and in fact because of this spectral balance, is also less useful for yielding information from the reflected light.

  9. Anne Helen Walsall UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Tim Hill Beaconsfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Audi the worst culprit amongst new cars. Boy racers seem to like upgrading to illegal bulbs or use fog lamps when they shouldn't.

  11. Brian Wright Maldon UNITED KINGDOM

    cyclists and bikers will be at risk, we see a single light and check for a cyclist/biker. We will getused to seeing so many lights less care will be taken by many motorist and HGV drivers.

  12. Maggie Mickshik Glastonbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Using lights on motorbikes makes us stand out from the other vehicles in todays crowded roads. Help us stay visible, don't make daytime lights compulsory for all vehicles

  13. fiona gilbert_stemp havant UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Robert Caulfield Widnes UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Phil Jones Colwyn Bay UNITED KINGDOM

    No daytime lights for cars!!!
    Stop and fine drivers with fog lights on unless foggy

  16. Mandy Purnell Witham UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Casey Haskell Salisbury UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Graham Salmon Littlehampton UNITED STATES

    I am a motorcyclist and a car driver and get dazzled on/in both by headlights that dazzle and distract me from my driving. How long will it be until it causes me to have an accident !

  19. Carol Greenwood Stockport UNITED KINGDOM
  20. James Lipscombe Norwich UNITED KINGDOM
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