Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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There are currently 4695 signatures for this petition:

  1. Evelyn Davies Criccieth UNITED KINGDOM

    The highway code instructions are clrar enough and being dazzled in daylight is a serious issue

  2. David Coe UNITED STATES

    Too bright lights are a hazzard, as well as any daytime lights.

  3. Meghan Sinclair London UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Vernon Wright Tewkesbury UNITED KINGDOM

    That something is mandated by the E.U. is not reason enough to do it : it's time for the U.K. government to think for itself and to follow the indications of robust science.

  5. T R Aspinall Pwllheli UNITED KINGDOM
  6. David Armstrong Cheadle Hulme UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the Campaign wholeheartedly

  7. Peter Hewlett Aberdaron UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Craig Murray Chorley UNITED KINGDOM

    Many lights & bright lights hide smaller objects – cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists.
    Why is road safety geared towards the larger road user – usually the more protected given it's size?

  9. Jim Grinsted Haywards Heath UNITED KINGDOM

    Cannot believe after all Ken's work to date, that more agencies are not taking this very serious issue seriously!!

  10. Julie Partridge Haywards Heath UNITED KINGDOM
  11. gottfried strasser vienna AUSTRIA

    it is a disaster how commercial interests corrupt or blind decision makers.

  12. Belinda Hughes Pwllheli UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally agree with banning them they are a nightmare on country roads as when blinded by them you havent even got a kerb or cateyess to get your vision focused on.

  13. Fergal Bernard Dublin IRELAND

    Please start this petition in Ireland too

  14. sandra meaden salisbury UNITED KINGDOM
  15. alan milnes holyhead UNITED KINGDOM

    It's not good to be blinded by some of the very bright LED lights being installed on new cars. it will end with people being involved in serious accidents.

  16. david madgwick farnham UNITED KINGDOM

    If these obnoxious, pretentious and unnecessary DRL's are not banned the 2222 people killed on our roads in 2010 will be the lowest figure we will ever achieve. How sad.

  17. Juan Christian Luton UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Maureen Argyle Tadworth UNITED STATES
  19. Tim Ward Hemel Hempstead UNITED KINGDOM

    Bright headlamps are a danger, especially the very blue ones.4×4 headlamps, because they are so high up are worse, making driving at times impossible. I suffer from migraines and these just make things worse.Dont car designers consider other road users?

  20. Robert Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    I was appalled by the brightness of car lights when I drove on narrow country roads recently. I basically had to drive blind !

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