Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. S Jones London UNITED STATES

    The rapid increase of unnecessary vehicle lighting has put vulnerable road users a considerably greater risk. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists are now further obscured by dazzling lights. With the most recent study in the US showing no benefits for Daytime Running Lights, it's time we put an end to DRLs both in the UK as well as across the EU.

  2. Edward Smith London UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Graham Norton Worcester UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Ian Humphrey Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    In built up areas if we all used side lights and slowed down we would all be able to see.12 years ago we had dim dip lights(side light in the headlamp)Something else I have noticed is that driver do not use Full Beam because Dip beam is so good.

  5. Phil Charleton Whitley Bay UNITED KINGDOM

    DRLs & fog lights when used in clear weather are so irritating & unnecessary.

  6. Tracey Dindorp Radstock UNITED KINGDOM

    Vehicle lights are a major problem on our roads. This needs to be dealt with and the law enforced.

  7. paul beacall irby UNITED KINGDOM

    I am glad I found you petition site via MAG.I have been noticing how bright lights have been getting for the last few years,also two new sets of traffic lights near us are much brighter than the old ones.

  8. John Bratley Worksop UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the petition whole heartedly

  9. Penny Brown Shaftesbury UNITED KINGDOM

    I travel a lot on country roads and I'm constantly being blinded by dazzling headlights – far too bright and in my opinion, very dangerous. Half the time it looks as if they have main beam on. Very difficult to see the road when you've been temporarily blinded! Someone has to do something about it and fast. Make it part of an MOT, anything, just ban them.

  10. michael hague audenshaw gtr manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    with todays modern street lighting,there is no need in urban well lit areas for headlights..they cause blindspots behind the vehichle which displays them.

  11. Phil Bolton Huddersfield UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Martin Bratley Worksop UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Pete Millis Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Ben Payne Fareham UNITED KINGDOM

    As per petition statement.

  15. Peter Woolley Worksop UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Law Jolene East Grinstead FRANCE

    Please keep up the good work

  17. nicole squires croydon UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Andrew Martin Brighton

    Over-bright headlamps are a regular and dangerous distraction on our roads and legislation is needed in this area, DSA-ADI CAR/ FLEET TRAINER

  19. Alex Pollard Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Steven Newman-standing UNITED KINGDOM
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